My X7 Test Drive at Hendrick BMW of Kansas City 

Features I Loved That Went Above + Beyond 

Article by Suzette Vogel

As a mom with six kids ages 3 to 16 years, luxury is not something I’ve been accustomed to. My life has been baby bottles and rainbow swing sets rather than infinity pools and ball gowns. This means buying cars that are necessary—a means to get from here to there, safely. So when I recently was offered by Hendrick BMW of Kansas City the chance to test drive the BMW X7, I was like, ”Yeah I will.” And oh my goodness, y’all—it was beyond what I expected. Here’s a rundown of what I loved, learned, and why it just might make me an X7 owner.

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The first day, my kids nicknamed it “robot car.” It has safety features you’d expect from a top-of-the-line vehicle that every parent can get behind; my favorite is if the kids take off their seat belts, the car automatically alerts the driver. There is a professional driving assistant offering lane assist, steering assist and lane control, and there is also a particularly well-integrated head-up display so you can see your speed and upcoming turns on the windshield without having your eyes leaving the road. Driving large cars is old hat with our big family—although this drove like a car rather than an SUV.

The technology is amazing, and lets talk about the 12-inch touchscreen, which makes navigating the controls super easy! My oldest son enjoyed the volume control; it works via the dial (as you’re used to) or by spinning your finger in front of the touchscreen itself. It’s like Back to the Future gadgets. And then there are mom’s favorites: cooled and heated cup holders, ambient lighting with six colors to choose from (should you want to transform your car into a purple-tinted night club) and two touchscreens for backseat passengers. I could go on and on, but these mom dream features come true and so smart. The door handles light up at night for easy finding, and the seats fold down with a push of a button, rather than having to find and raise a lever.

This car is definitely comfortable; my husband is 6 feet, 3 inches tall, and he had plenty of room. There are heated and cooled seats (in both the front and back), customizable seat massagers for the driver and front-seat passenger and adjustable ground clearance so that the car lowers for little kids to climb in more easily. If you are in your car nonstop, the X7 is pure luxury. If you’re thinking of buying a BMW, definitely head over to Hendrick BMW of Kansas City.

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