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High Fashion Meets Fine Art Photography

Photos that tell a story through the generations

Genevieve Castro is the owner of NextGen Photography, specializing in maternity, newborn, and family portraits.  Gen has always had interest in and a love of photography, but it wasn’t until she embarked on the journey of having her first son in 2018 that she pursued her passion. She realized how incredible and special the experience of pregnancy and motherhood is and wanted to share her love of photography to help capture this journey for others. She was working in management and started saving money to purchase her first camera to allow her passion to take off.  Over the course of the last five years, Gen has developed a vast amount of clientele and friendships as NextGen Photography has come to life.

Something unique to NextGen Photography is that the studio comes to YOU.  It can be such a struggle to leave your house as a recovering new mother, or to get the kids ready, pack their bags, and drive to a studio.  The luxury of NextGen is that you simply don’t have to do any of that! Let’s take a ‘walk’ through the process of a session with Gen.  She comes to your home with the appropriate lighting, backdrop, props, wardrobes, and accessories.  That’s right, wardrobes! From my personal experience, there’s not much worse than buying that dress you know you’ll never wear again after a photoshoot or that expensive newborn outfit because it was the perfect one for pictures. Problem solved - Gen provides them for you! With multiple options to choose from, she has designer name gowns, flowy fabrics, newborn wraps, and accessories to make you feel beautiful. She’ll take a look around your home, move a few things around, and create the best area to start her setup. (I’m trying to resist inserting my “lights, camera, ACTION !” quote here).  Once this is ready, it’s time for you, your newborn, and/or your family to get into position and allow Gen to get to work! When the session is over, you wait with anticipation for that email that says “Your photos are ready!” to see the amazing art she created for you.

One of the main reasons I found Gen and her business so special is the genuine passion I felt. She cares deeply for each client and wants to authentically capture their story during these special moments. When speaking with Gen, she said, “I love to capture motherhood, family, and everything it involves. That time is so precious, and it goes by so fast.  This is a passion, not just a business.”  Specific to her maternity sessions, she understands how many women struggle with the change in their bodies during pregnancy.  You look at your body and realize it’s no longer what it was a few months prior, and some women can take that extremely hard.  Gen’s goal is to make these expectant mothers feel beautiful and confident in their own skin. She wants them to love this time in their motherhood journey and help them do so through the art of photography. 

In addition to maternity photos, Gen specializes in newborn and family photos. Her upbeat, vibrant personality immediately makes you and your family comfortable. It’s easy to get stressed out if your kid isn’t cooperating, or one smiles and the other blinks, or right when you feel like you’re about to get the perfect photo, someone sneezes. Her goal is for you to have fun and not worry about these stresses. She’s great with kids and is a natural at entertaining them! Capturing the laughs and the chaos can sometimes make for the most amazing family photos. She spends nearly 45 to 60 minutes per photo editing them to be perfect for you and your family.  The editing process after the session is where her artistic side really comes to life. She works magic with images that you likely would think of deleting.

Gen expressed the importance of getting to know your client. Each relationship is so unique - the posing and staging aren’t a “one size fits all” kind of deal. She feeds off the energy from her clients and families to pose the most appropriate and fitting version of who they are. “The photos I take are meant to be pieces of artwork - something they want to put on their walls and look at forever,” says Gen.  No detail will be overlooked, from a piece of hair to the way your jewelry is laying, as this is what creates art versus a photo.  As a fairly new mother who didn’t find Gen in time to capture these incredibly special, raw moments, I hope you or someone you know has the opportunity to do so.  Interested? Use code CLM823 for $200 any package.

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“The photos I take are meant to be pieces of artwork - something they want to put on their walls and look at forever”