HIT (High Intensity Training)

Increase the fat burning while minimizing the training time

Article by Narisa Steinberg, Owner The Facility

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Originally published in Boca Style Lifestyle

HIT aka High intensity interval training is a style of exercise that increases your heart rate, burns calories at a more rapid rate and for a longer period of time at resting status, increases lung capacity, builds muscles, and best of all; ONLY TAKES 20-30 minutes! The method of training is applicable for all levels of physical ability, weight, age and gender. If you’re wondering how much more effective and time efficient HIIT really is compared to a longer and more stagnant pace of exercise, consider the findings from the Journal of Physiology, concluding that 12 minutes of high intensity training three times a week, resulted in similar benefit as cycling for 40-60 minutes, five times a week.

What is high intensity interval training exactly? High intensity refers to the amount of effort required during an exercise for a period of time under tension. Intervals are simply the time under tension in which you perform exercises, at a burst of increased intensity, followed by a short resting period. The idea is to raise the heart rate, burn more calories, increase endurance and burn fat. For those of us who have trouble self-motivating, or simply just can’t make time for our own health, HIIT training is something most likely to last long-term, as opposed to other training approaches. Aside from cutting the time of sessions and the number of sessions a week in half, the training efficiently increases the results. It sounds too good to be true, but science doesn’t lie.

Programs can be customized to physical capabilities in individuals. An example for someone more advanced would be sprinting for 20 seconds and then resting for 60 seconds. That short burst of effort, followed by a short rest and then continued, rapidly increases the results in less time. The number of exercises allocated to a HIIT session can vary, as well as which exercises to use.

Full body exercises are beneficial, such as burpees, whereas someone else may experience jogging in place as a high intensity movement. The training doesn’t even have to include weight, which means you have no excuse, it doesn’t have to be done in a gym every single time you train. Once weights are introduced, the benefits far exceed many other training styles. Building lean muscle tissue and burning fat at the same time is primary for most of us. The idea is to perform the burst of energy in an exercise for a short period of time with a high percentage of effort, followed by rest, over a 20-30 minute duration.

Aging has never been easy for anyone, especially those of us who have any type of issue with exercise. A motivating factor that may interest you aside from reduction of body fat and extremely short sessions is; HIIT training can also protect DNA and help us age healthfully. On a cellular level, so much more happens than we could imagine. If health hazards don’t serve as a determining factor in your decision to exercise, then maybe aging in a more healthy way that could help you look younger, live longer and feel better will get you in fitness mode. HIIT training is the most flexible method of training that allows people to stop getting on the treadmill for 45-60 minutes and get the job done in half the time, with rapid results. The safer approach to perform HIIT is by working one-on one with a trainer if you are a beginner, have low motivation, or any physcial/health issues. There is finally a way to train and enjoy it!

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