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HIIT Workout: No Equipment Needed

Plus an Activewear Outfit to Embrace the Neon Trend

Article by Cara Hannawald

I’m bringing you a no equipment needed HIT workout that can be done anywhere! 

Each move should be done for one minute with 30 seconds of rest in between. Repeat three times for a killer fat blasting workout!

  1. 2 Jumps Squats + 4 High Knees 
  2. Bear Crawl + Push Up 
  3. Shuffle Step + Broad Jumps
  4. High Knees + In and Out Squats
  5. Bear Crawl Kick Through
  6. 10 Fast + 10 Slow Mountain Climbers
  7. Snap Jump Burpees
  8. Side Plank Hip Lift + Elbow Tap - switch sides 30 seconds through

Dress to Sweat 

I am such a color girl—I’m one of the weird ones that doesn’t understand everyone’s obsession with #allblackeverything—so naturally I’m LOVING the neon trend this season! 

What about you? When it comes to your activewear, do you almost always stick to neutrals or do you love to play around with prints and colors too?

I’m wearing my new neon set from @Fabletics. This set is only $34 if you are VIP member. If you want to twin, I’ve linked outfit details on my account —username is carasfitcode.

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