Holistic Health and Preventative Wellness with Dr. Erin Stafenacci

A Different Way of Healing; a Different Way to Health

If you wander into one of the many nooks of historic Biltmore Village, you might find Dr. Erin Stefanacci of Carolina Holistic Health. Walking into Dr. Stefanacci’s office, you feel an instant sense of calm. It’s unlike the traditional doctor’s office and feels much more like a spa; there's no stuffy waiting room, and warm lighting and healing energy fill the space. It’s here where you become immersed in functional medicine.

“Functional medicine involves finding the root cause of chronic symptoms, fatigue, digestive issues, hormone imbalance, brain fog while asking why those symptoms are happening and then addressing the root cause of those symptoms without drugs and surgery,” she explains.

Dr. Stefanacci’s unique background and education qualify her to address the physical and biochemical aspects of the body; she is a doctor of chiropractic medicine with a certification in functional medicine, but it’s her singular perspective of gaining an understanding of the whole person and finding the source of the issue that identifies her as an innovator in her field. After working in the pharmaceutical industry for 10 years, she knew something wasn’t right. She describes a turning point in her life.

“We would dispense medications to address symptoms, and a few months later, we would dispense additional medication to address side effects caused by the other medications. I realized we were not fixing the true problem,” she says.

Dr. Stefanacci acknowledges the importance of medication and traditional medicine but believes that many chronic conditions are currently treated with the “Band-Aid approach.” She knew there was a better way to take time to find the root of the problem, enabling clients to heal naturally. Through personal life experience and a passion for addressing chronic disease before it starts, she found her niche in functional medicine.

She elevates the healthcare experience by spending time getting to know her patients: 90 minutes for your first appointment. She personalizes every treatment and creates a partnership to enable healing from within. Dr. Stefanacci values open communication, which she believes to be the heart and art of high-quality healthcare.

“There’s a lot of things that go into health emotionally, physically and biochemically. It’s about the big picture. ...It’s really about listening, getting to know someone and taking everything into account to know what approach will work best for them as an individual.”

Dr. Stefanacci wants to educate her patients on what is best for their bodies and enable them to make the changes to improve the quality of life and daily function.

“If my patients aren’t learning about their personal health and health in general with each visit, then there is a problem; I’m not doing my job,” she says.

She also wants you to know you can live better.

“Many people mistake common symptoms for normal—pain, fatigue, PMS, sleep difficulty, brain fog—that’s not normal. It’s your body’s way of saying something is off.”

Even making small, personalized changes can make significant impacts, especially with chronic symptoms.

Dr. Stefanacci is currently accepting new patients from childhood into the golden years. She wants to shift how we take care of ourselves and believes there’s no right or wrong age to begin preventative care or to address symptoms at the start.

”If you are already having symptoms, then you can heal naturally, and if you don’t have symptoms, you can stay that way.”


  1. Audit Your Inner Circle Make sure you are around people that inspire you and challenge you.
  2. Live Outside of Your Comfort Zone Always challenge yourself and push your greatness.
  3. Embrace YOUR Process Not spending too much time in others.
  4. Be Happy But Never Satisfied Love the victories but always raise the bar once you have achieved something.
  5. Grateful for Everything, Entitled to Nothing Never expect something just because you put the work in.
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