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Grandma’s Decor Meets a Modern Aesthetic

1970's Gloomy Dining and Living Space Gets a Sophisticated Facelift

Article by Melissa B Rodgers

Photography by Jason Domingues

Dining/Lounge Space Before 

When your client describes the space as being too dark too heavy, and that's an understatement, it's time for the dining and living space to get an Upgrade.
She wanted to keep her grandmother's dining furniture, crystal, and ornate gold mirror, while also wanting to display the art she and husband have collected through the years. 
We also wanted to brighten and clean up the space. I wanted to make it feel like a sophisticated, welcoming dining space and lounge for the homeowners to enjoy. 

Our mission: To blend the old with the new.

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Dining/Lounge Space After 

We began by giving the room a much softer look by arching the doorways. We then removed all the heavy, dark wainscotting and harsh dental trim, and painted it a matte black Benjamin Moore Black Panther. This gave it a soft smooth look. Be careful as sometimes blacks can come across harsh and cold. 

The walls were painted a beautiful soft cream from Sherwin Williams. We utilized the two openings by closing off the dead space and filling it with custom leaded glass cabinets. The cabinets are accessible from either side, but safety first as they have a lock and key to keep little ones from getting their sticky curious hands in there. It also allowed for a much needed safe place to display all the Waterford Crystal inherited from grandma. Treasures like those need to be visible for all to see.

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Our goal was to use the other side of the space for lounge time with the kids. It also made for an extra place to get cozy at the many dinner parties they host. I opted for a @ruggable rug so my clients could always have the option to throw the rug in the wash if something gets spilled. This is the fourth home I have incorporated Ruggable's rugs and I am blown away everytime.

The client's art collection needed a place to land and a custom gallery was just the way to do so.

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We reupholstered the dining room chair cushions with grey and cream tribal fabric. To add a little more pattern and color variation I reversed the fabric on half of the chairs. Tip of the day: Don't hesitate to flip a fabric over; you might have a whole new fabric underneath. 

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This luxurious custom golden mustard velvet sectional sofa is from Mitchell Gold Bob Williams. I am not blowing smoke when I say it is stunning and beyond comfortable. Me and my keister were very happy relaxing on this gem with a glass of wine. When it is time for my family to purchase a new sofa... you bet your keister it will be this one. 

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There are oodles and oodles of interesting details in this eclectic space.

We had a few key goals with this project, such as blending vintage/heirloom furniture, china, crystal, and original artwork with a modern art gallery dining room and cozy lounge space.

I was deliberate in choosing a few new items that have a vintage feel to them. For example, the stunning Anthropologie rug looks like it is a vintage rug from the days of yore but take a closer look at the plush raised pink flowers that were incorporated for a modern take. 

I also added the very popular beaded chandelier but chose one that has ornate hardware that is reminiscent of lighting from the turn of the century. The Pottery Barn beaded sconces were the perfect pairing to the dining room chandelier. 

We tied it together with accessories like the hourglass, but a sleek modern looking one. Even the leaded glass doors on the custom crystal cabinets is another example of playing with old and new. The matte black was again the perfect juxtaposition.

The challenge of mixing Grandma's heirloom style with my client's eclectic modern laid-back style was a success. 

I invite you all to embrace your inner granny. She is screaming to get out and help you style your home. 

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