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Article by Ken Hughes, Milton Mechanical

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Originally published in Alpharetta Lifestyle

Home Automation

Does it make sense for my house?  Is now the time to automate my house and lifestyle?

A great starting point that will save you money and time and effort is to begin with a smart thermostat and a few lamps.  A programmable thermostat, including the Nest and Ecobee4 will pay for itself in less than one year and you will save money in the years to come.  These devices are easy to set up and program manually or from any smartphone/tablet, or computer.

If you are interested in controlling lighting and small appliances this is easy to do, will save you time, and is just plain fun. Look to start with smart wall electric outlet plugs. 

A few of our favorite products include doorbell cameras, smoke detectors, garage door control, and water leak stop products.  These products can be life-altering providing the security and eliminating nagging worries that you have from time to time.  Do you ever wonder if your smoke detector is still working?  The Nest Protect allows you to test it from your smartphone, even when you are away from the house.  Worried that the hoses that supply water to your toilets, sinks, washing machine, and refrigerator are original to the house and that the Air Conditioner is producing hundreds of gallons of water a month in your attic or finished basement?  The Leaksmart whole-house control valve will shut the water off to your house within seconds of a leak being detected and notify you on your phone. 

Video doorbells are not just for “busy-bodies!”  Knowing when your children are home from school or when valuable packages are left at your door provides tremendous peace of mind and allows you to focus on what is important.   

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