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Your home protects you from the harsh elements all year long. Inspecting your roof and gutters to ensure they are working properly should be done twice per year. Now, during springtime- and before the start of winter, once all the leaves around the perimeter of the home have fallen. These inspections will help you prolong the life of your roof and ensure you stay protected for years to come. 

Here are the most common areas to inspect. 

Shingles – During winter, shingles endure drastic temperature changes, added weight from snow and ice, and high winds. Look for any shingles that are missing, damaged or stained. Stained shingles can show leaking or ponding water areas. Keep an eye out for nails that have pushed up through the shingle. Any visible nail should be flush with the roof and covered with sealant.

Debris – The roof should be always clear of debris. Leaves, branches, and other debris can trap moisture on the roof, which can cause mold/algae growth. Debris also can cause water ponding and ice, which damages shingles. Cut away any branches in contact with the roof to prevent shingle damage.

Gutters and Downspouts – The importance of gutters and downspouts is to move the water away from the property. If they are clogged with dirt and debris, the water will not drain properly and can back up onto the roof or flow over the edge of the gutter. Removing debris and rinsing with a hose to clean any additional dirt will ensure your gutter system is working properly for the spring and summer rainstorms. Gutter guards do an excellent job of keeping leaves and debris out of the gutters but should still be flushed of dirt to prevent any back up of water.

Ventilation – Animals and birds like to nest in vents in the roof/attic area. Blocking of these vents does not allow proper air movement. As warming temps creep in, it is important for the ventilation to keep roofing materials from overheating which causes deterioration.

Flashings – At the edges of the roof and where the roof meets the siding, skylights or chimney, metal flashings are installed to ensure water does not penetrate these areas. Flashings can come loose or bend and lose their tight seal to the roof. Damaged flashings and surrounding shingles should be replaced. 

Caulking – Caulking is used to seal up areas that would otherwise be exposed. From ventilation and pipe boots to exposed nails in the ridge cap or flashings, caulking tends to deteriorate faster than the rest of the roof. Scrape away cracking or peeling caulking and install new caulking to ensure a watertight seal of all penetrations.

Attic – Looking in the attic is a sure-fire way to find any existing leaks. The roof decking will show signs of wetness or staining from previous leaks. By the time a leak is seen within the property, it has been leaking in the attic for an extended period of time and could be growing mold or mildew. If the attic ceiling is covered with insulation, inspect the insulation for signs of water damage.

When to call the experts: If climbing on your roof does not sound like a fun way to spend your weekend, RoofTec is happy to provide you a free inspection. We can make sure everything is working properly and recommend any repairs necessary. With any home project, know the risks involved before taking on the project. Take proper safety precautions, or call in an expert like us to do it for you!

RoofTec Precision Exteriors is a trusted professional roofing company based out of Arvada, Colorado. These five-star rated and Google Guaranteed general contractors are proud to serve Adams County and Jefferson County with The RoofTec Difference and loyalty in mind. To connect with RoofTec Precision Exteriors, visit RoofTecCO.com or call (720) 637-5107.

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