3 Modern Home Designs Playing with Light


Article by Hayley Hyer

Photography by Hayley Hyer

In modern architecture, there is a big draw toward natural light and open, clean spaces. These three designs use large windows and the shape of the building to play with light and create a unique atmosphere inside of the home.

1. Kawakawa House

"Around the top of the home wraps a glazed clerestory, which draws light down into the living spaces with the help of angled plywood ceilings. Dappled light entering the home through the tree canopy outside creates a changing atmosphere throughout the day."


2. Claudia House

"Ceramic latticework made with the piece Square Latticework, measuring 20x20x8 cm, specially cut for this work at 45º, achieving a slanted piece that gives the latticework a greater frontal opacity and a directionality that allows the NE orientation to be chosen because it provides the best views from inside the pavilion."


3. Oldmeetsnew House

"Laying parallel to the adjacent empty land, these areas harness wind and natural light, circulating fresh air through buffers such as lobbies, porches and voids. Inside, light patterns are formed through various parts of the brick shell that encloses the house, which is less denser at various parts."


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