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When designing your dream kitchen, it’s important to balance timeless features with elements that reflect your personality and design aesthetic. You may not plan to remodel your kitchen each year (does anyone do that?), but that doesn’t mean there aren’t creative ways to keep your space feeling modern and fresh. 

We spoke with interior designer Brooke Cover about the trends in kitchen design she’s seeing this year, touching on everything from cabinet colors and lighting to tile and countertop combos she’s loving. 

  1. Taking the counter material up the backsplash

Although the iconic subway tile backsplash is timeless in its own right, Brooke says she is seeing a big shift toward marble slab backsplashes — which add drama and depth to the kitchen. Not only is it easier to clean than tile, but a marble backsplash and countertop also sets the tone for the entire space and makes a big statement. 

  1. Warming up the white

We doubt the classic white kitchen will ever completely go out of style, but trends show people are going away from the white kitchen and gray cabinets. They’re opting for white mixed with warmer wood tones, dark greens and blues. Some homeowners are mixing vintage in with the new and modern through butcher block islands or other unique cabinetry choices. Black is making a bold comeback in some kitchens, while others usher in warmth through painted islands or other darker contrast tiles in the bar area. You don’t have to leave behind the timelessness when you warm up your space if you opt for equally timeless black and wood-stained accents. If you want a quick refresh, consider adding pops of wood through cutting boards or other decor accents on countertops or open shelves. 

  1. Hidden Storage, Visible Appliances

Gone are the days of it being a given to hide the fridge behind custom cabinets. Many brands of appliances are so beautiful and sleek these days, homeowners want to see them rather than hide them behind a cabinet facade. Small appliances, however, are another story. Custom cabinets and “appliance garages” aren’t going away anytime soon. Form and function make them a desirable addition to any kitchen. 

  1. Bold Hardware

Mixed metals and sizes are having a moment in kitchens across America. Brooke says not to shy away from a variety of sizes of pulls and handles, depending on the drawer and door size. For instance, you may see a mixture of longer pulls on larger drawers and square knobs on smaller glassware cabinets - and that’s more than just ok - that’s recommended. As the heart of the home, kitchens shouldn’t feel sterile and hyper-coordinated - they should feel inviting and tailored to the space. Since no two kitchens will be exactly alike, feel free to boldly mix the hardware sizes and styles to the needs of your kitchen. 

  1. Contrast, contrast, contrast!

From painted and stained islands to dark lower cabinetry with bright white uppers and mixed lighting fixtures, contrast is the name of the game this year. You’ll see this juxtaposition between clean white and darker colors or even this year’s favorite - greens and blues - all over newly designed kitchens. You’re not breaking any rules by coordinating sculptural pendants over the kitchen island with more vintage-inspired gooseneck sconces over the standalone bar or a chandelier over the eat-in kitchen. 

Brooke's favorite countertop materials

  1. Quartz and quartzite can confuse the consumer, they are different. Quartz is a manufactured/engineered material that contains natural quartz pieces blended with synthetic materials. It is non-porous and maintenance free. 
  2. Quartzite is a natural stone, cut from the earth. This is one of my favorites because of the natural beauty. Quartzite can be sealed by the installer, it is a bit higher maintenance, you will want to avoid anything acidic on the quartzite. Feedback from a client, she loves her quartzite island in her high use kitchen and feels that it is not difficult to maintain. Many quartzite slabs are warmer than just a white countertop. You do still have white options as well. 
  3. Dolomite - Can be sold as a marble, not as hard as quartzite or as soft as marble. This also would be maintained like a quartzite.

Quartzite Favorites:

  1. Statuario - Polished
  2. White Maccaubus - Polished
  3. Taj Mahal- Honed or Polished
  4. Zermat - Polished
  5. Luce Di Luna - Polished
  6. Belvedere
  7. Denali
  8. Saratoga - Honed
  9. (Many of these would look good with a black perimeter if not using quartzite for entire kitchen)


  1. Calacatta Eiffel
  2. Calacatta Laza
  3. Calacatta Ultra
  4. Helix
  5. Desert Silver


  1. Negresco- Honed
  2. Black Pearl -Honed
  3. Saratoga Silver- Honed
  4. Nero Mist - Honed

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