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A company who wants to make your vision a REALITY

Your home is where you spend most of your days, starting and ending them in the same space.  It’s a safe haven; the one place that feels good to leave, but feels better to come back to! But, most people will only find this to be true when their home has all of the attributes they dreamed of. That could be a new outdoor kitchen, a full bathroom remodel, or upgraded cabinets in your kitchen.  Instead of keeping these enhancements on your wish list, with Mavit Stone Services you can create your vision and start the process in watching it come true. 

Mavit Stone Services is a family owned business that opened in 2019. The father, Jose Rodrigues, was in cabinetry and carpentry for over 30 years. He grew up in Brazil and after moving to America, became extremely talented in this field and initially opened “Mavit Services” many years back.  Jose has three sons, Matheus, Victor and Thomas, creating the special and personalized name, MAVIT. 

Matheus became heavily involved in stone fabrication and installation.  After gaining a vast amount of experience, his father decided to expand Mavit Services and incorporate stone fabrication and installation into the business as well, bringing Matheus on board as the expert.  Victor later graduated with a college degree in Business Administration and after receiving his degree, became a part of the family business working on the sales and administration side. He now runs the business in terms of management and ownership.  The team pulls on their own strengths and have been able to successfully grow the business with the expertise in cabinetry, stone installation, business, and customer service.

The warehouse has over 1000 slabs in stock, fabrications, and tiles, and continues to grow as services are added.  They have a showroom that recently has been expanded to hold the large amount of products and inventory for customers to choose from.  It’s a space for customers to enter to see something grand, inspiring them in creating their vision for their home projects.  Walking through the showroom gives you the opportunity to touch, feel and see different colors, textures, and styles you may not have known about previously, along with the quality of each.  Ever order something online that seemed perfect, only to be let down with the quality or look of it in person once it’s delivered?  The beauty of this showroom is to avoid that before it happens again. 

For some people, their vision may be something that seems impossible.  They may think that the project they’re dreaming of is too difficult or too custom, but Victor’s response to this is “Just about anything is possible. If the customer wants something, who am I to tell them they can’t do it? We’ll get it done!”   This goes into the philosophy and mission behind Mavit Stone; to provide customers with exceptional stone services and craftsmanship while delivering personalized service that exceeds their expectations. Everybody knows the importance of customer service when working with any business. You can have an incredible stone installer, or carpenter, but if they aren’t open to your ideas it can put a damper on the process. “The customer sometimes looks more for the experience rather than getting the job done and getting out. We focus on being able to ask the customer what they want, and deliver just that. It’s a process, not just a job”, says Victor, “If you want hot pink cabinets, I’m giving you hot pink cabinets!”

Making the decision to redo a large portion of your home can be time consuming and an expense, so going through the process effortlessly with constant service, assistance and expertise will help reassure your decision and have a satisfactory outcome. It’s important to know the people you’re working with on a more personal level and understand that you’re more than just a number to them. A family owned business with years of experience in the industry and incredible reviews can help bring you comfort with the company you’re choosing to work with. Mavit Stone Services will provide you with an experience like this, on top of incredible work. Check out their showroom to get ideas and start creating your vision! Learn more by visiting 

“The customer sometimes looks more for the experience rather than getting the job done and getting out. We focus on being able to ask the customer what they want, and deliver that. It’s a process, not just a job.”

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