8 Great Faux Plants

Add Lasting Warmth + Color to Your Home

Article by Lanie Draper

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Here are the best faux plants on the market to help you add a little warmth and color to your home.

1. Olive Leaf Stems

The color of olive branches are amazing! Their green is warm and rich and the olives add the perfect hue of eggplant. Though the leaves are structured, they branches will still fan out nicely in a vase. I love real stems but they can be messy with their olives always falling off. If you have small kiddos or dogs this might be a great option for you!

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2. Eucalyptus Stems

Eucalyptus stems are everywhere and for good reason, they’re so pretty! I love these in my kitchen and entry. They beautifully spill over any vase giving the arrangement fullness without obstructing a view. This bunch is a killer deal too!

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3. Air Plants

I have a thing for air plants. Especially the pale green ones! I have them placed in front of picture frames, on trays and on top of stacked books. Truth be told, these are the easiest live plants to take care of. They simply require a quick dunking every couple of weeks and that’s it! But, because these plants are so low maintenance, it’s easy to forget about them! Long story short, I killed a few and then switched to faux.

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4. Olive Tree

This is my favorite tree ever! It fills up a space and in my opinion should be considered a piece of art. I first saw this plant used indoors in an Emily Henderson design book. I bought one right after

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5. Fern Plant

Ferns are the perfect bookshelf filler. They’re cute, little and add the perfect pop of color! I know this plant is more expensive than the popular Ikea one but I selected it because I like that the branches are thin and wild.

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6. Full Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree 

Fiddle figs are another hot plant. Their height and large leaves make this plant a feature worth talking about. What makes this fig different is how full it is! It definitely deserves to be the center of attention.

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7. Skinny Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

This fiddle fig is tall and skinny. It’d make a great accent in front of a wall with cool art. The height of this plant also allows for a really cool basket or planter at the base.

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8. Large ZZ Plant

These plants can get big and look big on the floor next to a fireplace or large chest. ZZ’s are gorgeous and easy to take care of, but they’re also poisonous so if you have kiddos or pets in your home this is the faux plant for you!

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