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Article by Julie Bonner

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Originally published in Boise Lifestyle

Childhood is a wondrous time of imagination, play and fun. Embrace this time by creating a space that is entertaining, inspiring, and also practical.  A world a whimsy to engage their interest can easily be achieved.  Here are a few ideas to put a smile on their face, spark their creativity, and teach them organizational skills.

Painting is the easiest task to tackle and also one of the most impactful.  Think outside of the "box"  - literally.  Create new shapes and color pops with multiple hues. If you’re short on architectural interest, try painting a simple archway on a plain wall in a deep contrasting color.  Hang floating shelves inside the arch for books or a prized collection to add to the visual interest.

I’m a big fan of wall murals in children’s rooms.  Now that they are easily available and simple to install you can instantly change the look of a room in less than a day.  Large-scale designs and landscapes can bring an imaginary world to life. 

Create a little safe haven with a room within a room. There’s nothing better than a good fort. Kids love the feeling of security and sense of comfort. Pop up a teepee in the corner or surround their bed with curtain panels to create a place they crave. Throw in cozy pillows and a little mood lighting and you may never get them back out. Add built-in nooks, desks and loft beds to create storage for a huge impact in small spaces. 

Being organized shouldn’t be boring. By supplying an interesting place to put their things away your child is more apt to follow through with the task.  Teaching these tasks early will instill the valuable lifelong skill of organization. 

Lastly, keep your main furniture pieces on the neutral side.  This way you can change out the trendy looks easily with bedding and accessories as your child grows along with their tastes and style.

I hope these tips inspired you to give your home a quick and easy makeover for your kids. Be sure to follow me on CityLifestyle.com!

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