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Article by Roger and Stephanie Lisenko

Photography by Robert Kneschke

     Did you not get that new vacuum you were hoping for from Santa?

Purchasing a vacuum can be ridiculously overwhelming between all the advertising hype and about 100 different brands to choose from, yea I know seriously 92 documented brands! 

How do you know which one is right for you?

Well the first question to ask yourself is, “What is my budget?” The second part of the equation, “What type of surfaces are you going to be cleaning?” Finally, “Do you want corded or cordless?”

So the first question is pretty simple, "How much do you have to spend?” Vacuum cleaners vary vastly in price, they can be found from around $100 to as much as $1,500 and up! Our picks are priced right around $350-$450 range. We recommend not going too cheap, though so you still end up with a good vacuum .The second question, "How will you be using your new vacuum?" Do you vacuum your furniture and window treatments, vent covers, ledges and ceiling fans or are you just keeping up in between a weekly cleaning service and handling the flooring? Do you have pets that shed a lot? Keep in mind the on board attachment options, which ones do you need which ones aren’t really important for your uses? 

    The last question is a no brainer. Corded will always be the best option for general and deep cleaning because lets face it battery life is temporary and larger homes can leave you with a dead battery. Cordless options make a nice addition for a secondary vacuum, but we do not recommended for everyday use.

Now it's time for the dirt, vacuum recommendations!

So after reading several articles on “The Best Vacuums of 2021” Drum roll….. and wa, wa, waaaaa (in a disappointing horn sound), you know the one LOL! We decided to save you the trouble of reading all of these articles which left us feeling a little lost because, there wasn’t really any continuity in all the studies and tests completed between vacuums.  We chose to go to the mother lode of all review sources, Amazon! It was there that we found mostly real consumer reviews from people like you who have tried these out.  So without further adieu here are our picks, and keep in mind these are not paid endorsements just our input on this. 

  1. Our top pick is the Kenmore 81615 600 Series Pet hair canister vac. This is a serious lightweight vacuum for cleaning your whole house no matter the task! Dual motors, HEPA filtration, 12 amps of power and under 6lbs. This is likely the canister portion only. Kenmore is a great household name and makes a great vacuum! 
  2. Our second is, The Shark AZ2002 Vertex Lift-Away Upright Vacuum with attachments. This gives you the best of both worlds with a canister and upright in one! Again, making it a great everyday vacuum with attachments and Sharks patented power technology.  The main downside is that it weighs in at about 16lbs! However it is available in Rose Gold so that’s adorable! 
  3. Last and certainly not least is The Kenmore DU3017 Pet Friendly Upright Bagless Vacuum. This is a powerful dual motor vacuum with 11 amps of power. The unit has on-board attachments and Triple HEPA Filtration. This gem it weighs in at 17 lbs. with a detachable canister for up high cleaning. It has a separate pet hair attachment and comes in a nice mint green color! 
  4. We included this one cordless "helper vacuum" because sometimes you just don't have the time to vacuum or you just don't feel like it! The iRobot Roomba 392 is a good addition for about $200. It does not have the bells and whistles of the more expensive models with a self charging dump station. It does get the hard surface job done but we would not recommend using on a second floor set up because of the stairs, in fact one owners stated that it fell off the edge of the stairs. We personally have a discontinued Shark version of this concept and found the same results to be true. These types of units come with manufacturer recommendations for all surfaces as they normally will make their way on and off carpeted to hard surfaces without much trouble. However, our experience is that the battery does not last long on carpeted flooring. The Amazon reviews are honestly better on most of the Shark Models vs. Roomba however the prices start at about $400.00. You do get what you pay for.

So there you have it! 

 We picked these because they have great customer reviews from actual users. 

   We prefer vacuums that have the following qualities. 

  1. Branding reputation in reliability 
  2. Powerful vacuum motors
  3. Functional for all flooring types
  4. HEPA filtration for cleaner air when in use. 

We always encourage shopping at local vacuum cleaner stores whenever possible!

We hope this has helped you out in this ageless dilemma for homeowners.  If you ever have questions we are always happy to help and give you our advice in cleaning!  

Is there a cleaning topic you would like us to write about? Feel free to contact us!

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