DIY Flower Baskets + Arrangements


Article by Hayley Hyer

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Whether you use fresh flowers from your own garden or buy faux flowers from your local craft store, you can put together a stunning flower basket for your home. Use these in the corner of a room, along your staircase, as centerpieces or even outdoors. Depending on the size of basket you choose, there are no limits to what your creativity can accomplish!

How to Create a Floral Arrangement in a Basket

"I love simple flower arrangements and ones that involve a vintage vibe are my favourite. I wanted a way to display these beautiful hydrangeas in a basket without ruining the basket and keeping the flowers fresh."

So Much Better with Age

DIY Hanging Baskets

"Arrange your hanging baskets with thrillers, fillers and spillers from Afloral.com. This simple DIY flower arrangement is filled with artificial stems that can hang in your home throughout the year with absolutely no care."

— AFloral

How to Make a Farmhouse Painted Flower Basket

"Believe it or not this beautiful farmhouse style willow basket has had several lives already. The first one was well before the thrift store where I found it. I repurposed this basket just recently and made a beautiful winter basket for the front door. Today, now that the winter is winding down, I'm giving this basket another new life for the spring."

— Home Road

Build a Paint Stick Basket

"This beautiful (and inexpensive!) basket is made with a handful of paint stir sticks found at any home center, a square dowel, and some staples. Use it as a decorative centerpiece, or as stylish storage on a shelf. No matter the use, you’ll be amazed by how quick and easy it is to assemble!"

— Build Basic

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