DIY Paint Pour Art


Article by Audrey Kuether

Photography by Audrey Kuether

Have you ever wanted to try some DIY paint pour art, but maybe been too intimidated? I promise it’s a fun and easy way to make a colorful abstract piece of art for your home or for gifting. Just a warning: it’s very addictive.

Start off by gathering your supplies.

Choose your paint and pouring mediums:

Or you can go the super easy route and buy a pre-mixed set of paint ready for pouring

I’ll start with the easiest method using the pre-mixed paints

Take your pre-mixed paints in your favorite color combos and pour about 1-2 inches of paint on at a time into your disposable cup.

Don’t think too hard about this step. Just carefully pour all of your desired colors into the cup one at a time.

Make sure you use enough paint to cover your canvas—a little extra is better. I even added a little bit of gold and blue acrylic paint that wasn’t pre-mixed with the pouring medium. There are no rules!

Take your canvas and put it on top of your drop cloth, paper towel, or paper bag—whatever you have on hand.

Once your cup is filled slowly pour it over your canvas any way you wish. There is no right or wrong way—all trial and error and a personal preference.

Take the canvas, hold it on its side, and slowly start to move the paint around the canvas. This is the most fun part!

Keep spinning it until you’re happy and/or the paint stops moving—whichever comes first.

Take any object that sits firmly on the ground and set your canvas on top of it to dry. Make sure you keep your drop cloth under it to catch the drips that fall while the painting dries.

Let it dry and admire the easiest DIY paint pour art ever to exist.

In my experience the first one is never my favorite, so I kept going.

This time I’ll show you how to make your paint pour using acrylic paint you already have on hand mixed with the pouring medium. Gather four to five of your favorite acrylic colors, the same number of disposable cups (plus one), and your paint pouring medium.

Pour each individual color of paint into an individual disposable cup.

Next, add the pouring medium to each cup.

Stir until both are blended. Repeat this step for each cup.

And ummm…I have issues with paint hands and probably should wear gloves, ha! Anyway…

Take your four individual paints and pour them all into one cup—just as you did with the first example—and then repeat all of the above steps. Easy peasy!

I love how unique and inexpensive these DIY paint pour canvases are!

Here are a few others that I made within 30 minutes.

On this one I used a more flat canvas board, so I experimented with using a clipboard to hold it, and I’m kinda loving it. again, no rules!

And here’s a variation of the first example with more subtle colors. So fresh and pretty!

And finally one using regular acrylic paints mixed with the pouring medium in more subdued colors. I wanted to try using less of the canvas on this one.

So easy! I need to find a place for each piece in our home stat.

What do ya think? Are you going to make your own DIY paint pour art? I really recommend it!

I LOVE seeing your DIY projects, and adore it when you tag me in your InstaTwitter, or Facebook posts, and I’m always so very thankful when you Pin my work.

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