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Article by Brooke Spalding Ford

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The cold weather is coming to the Northland soon, which means it is time to get your garage door serviced. Many people put off any kind of garage door maintenance or ignore upkeep altogether, thinking it’s unnecessary or expensive. But, garage door maintenance is very affordable and inspections can save homeowners a lot of time and money in the future. Hiring a professional like Proflift to do the inspecting will ensure your garage will be in great condition for the season ahead. 

Garage door maintenance isn’t something just anyone with a toolbox can do. Scott Hughes, the owner of Prolift, suggests leaving garage maintenance to the professionals, especially when it comes to replacing or calibrating garage door springs. When talking to Scott about the most common mistakes he sees in garage maintenance, he sites: “We see so many times the do it yourself or an untrained technician put the wrong springs on the door which can lead to further problems or serious injury.” 

Keep in mind, the garage door is typically the largest moving part in the home, so maintenance is vital to not only keeping it safe but also preventing larger costs down the road. By the time garage doors are five to ten years old, many of the parts become worn and need to be replaced. If they are not well-maintained, this could warrant an entire door replacement, which can get pretty costly. 

Prolift does a 21 point inspection of each garage door they are hired to look at. The 21 point inspection includes looking at the seals to make sure they are ready for cold weather ahead, and other moving parts of the garage to prevent future replacement/damage. 

So, this year don’t skip over the garage door maintenance. Schedule an inspection with the professionals at Prolift to help make sure this Winter won’t be met with any unexpected costs or damages. 

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