Nine Updates Your Home Needs 


Article by Lorraine Emmanuelli

Photography by Lorraine Emmanuelli, Canva

All homes require maintenance. While you may overlook some aspects of your home's maintenance, time will come when you have to take care and provide some updates so that your home is maintained in a much better condition. You have to accept the fact that no matter how much you love your home, taking care of some updates is essential to preserve its value, feel, and appearance.

"If you want your home to be as worry free as possible, you can consider making these upgrades to your home once every ten years."


No carpet lasts a lifetime. An average rug, has a life expectancy of generally 10-12 years. If you have surpassed that time, now is the right opportunity to change and replace that carpet. Life of a medium grade carpet depends on several factors - the frequency of people tracking, the presence of kids and pets, and home's traffic flow. As you carpet ages, true tale signs are rips, stains, flatness of threads or padding and more. However, even if these signs are not present, you should change your carpet no later than 10 years intervals, based on the simple principle of dirt collected over time.

Hot Water Tank.

For most people, relying on tank leakage or functional failure, is the trigger for maintaining a hot water tank. Tip - keep in mind the age on the manufacturing label, and look to change out in the 10 year time frame as well.

Ceiling Fans.

A ceiling fan is not just about function. They are also about looks and style. Who wouldn't want to showcase the latest and greatest in ceiling fans? The life of a ceiling fan depends on several factors, one of them being how frequently it is used. Generally, a ceiling fan of mid-range will last for about ten years. Two common signs that your ceiling fan has met its deadline are, running slower than usual, and light bulbs start to burn out quicker.  


Some of the common symptoms of your dishwasher getting old are, dishes not properly cleaned, cracks in the tub, or the control board becoming unresponsive.  

Garbage Disposal System.

When you experience that the garbage disposal in your home is frequently freezing, getting stuck or not working as well as it used to, it is time to change the system. Average medium-range garbage disposals will last for 10-12 years - max.

Washing Machine.

Washing machines only get better as new models are released. Newer styles offer higher energy efficiency, as well less water usage, leaving your clothing clean and crisp! The average lifespan of a washer is approx. 8-10 years.

Paint. Exterior and Interior.

This is a matter of wearability. Weather and regionality, factors in hugely on exterior paint's "expiration". Interior wise, trends tend to offer updated palettes on a yearly basis. Bottom line, if it has been close to ten years since you last held a paint brush - it is time to really consider a visit to the paint shop.

Caulk - Showers, tubs, and sinks.

With the constant water erosion, it is fair to say that caulking should be continuously inspected in all surrounding crevices in showers, tubs and sinks. In a 10 years time, caulking should be completely refinished.


Replacing all windows is a very expensive proposition. Reglazing and resealing is a much better and cost effective option that not only offers long term wearability, but energy efficiency. With that said, replacing your windows as you prepare a home for resale, is an option that offers a great return on your investment!

These simple reminders, help keep your home refreshed and updated, as well as uphold its value. If you need help with a referral from my exclusive network, feel free to contact me - your home expert. Enjoy your projects!

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