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Artisan Custom Closets is helping people get dressed in style

Back in 2003, Lisa Carlquist founded a custom closet company that would change the way people get dressed. Today, Artisan Custom Closets is known for stylish, elegant organization methods, as well as a personable touch and in-house craftsmanship that clients have come to know and love. 

The process to a more organized life is simpler than you might think, assures Artisan’s Director of Marketing Christina Johnson. After a new client gets in touch, the staff will set up a complimentary, in-home consultation so the client can learn more about the company and find out whether Artisan Custom Closets will work for their home (spoiler alert – the answer is yes!). These visits are fairly in-depth, says Johnson – staff are trained to keenly observe each client’s personal taste and lifestyle. 

“While they’re talking to the clients, they are taking notes on the decor and space,” she says. That way, when they see the space, be it a closet or pantry, they already have an idea, and they can gently lead the vision.” 

At Artisan, the team offices are located right beside where the magic happens. Gesturing to the wall beside her own desk, Johnson explains that the warehouse is where everything is created from scratch. “We build everything at our plant — this is where we make everything for our two present locations: Atlanta and Nashville,” she says. “There's a ton of closet companies and DIY options out there, but we are still locally owned and locally operated and build everything on-site. So from the time you call us to when your closet is installed, you’re working with Artisan employees —  no one else.”

The most fun part, by far, is when the closet’s structural elements are complete, and it’s time to make it your own. Artisan’s showroom offers a wealth of ideas, from drawer finishes to lighting to hardware. “You can select something simple, like a matte black cabinet with gold hardware, or you can level up to black and cream with a faux crocodile overlay for the drawers,” Johnson says. “Of course, the right lighting can elevate any design and make the space look larger and more beautiful. The sky's the limit!”

Great things are ahead for the Artisan location in Atlanta, including a showroom update with even more exciting closet vignettes to get those creative ideas going. “We already have a beautiful showroom full of unique storage concepts, but we want to add a few new, modern touches, including new accessory options, finish colors, lighting choices and glass elements,” Johnson explains.

But style is just the accessory to this well-made outfit; what clients value most about Artisan Custom Closets is their experience with the people. In addition to locations in Atlanta and Nashville, the company is currently expanding further in the Southeast, while maintaining the customer service and quality that sets them apart.  

“Samantha was highly communicative, professional, knowledgeable and kind,” remarks one happy client, Ayesha, located in Roswell. “And the install day was a breeze — Dale was great! More than anything else, our closets are life-changing. Having that part of our lives organized makes every day so much better.”

Johnson points out that the company’s level of success began with Carlquist’s original dedication to her dream. “I think all of this is a testament to her business savviness,” she muses. 
“She founded it, built it from the ground up – even went so far as to handle all of the marketing while also being the extremely busy CEO  — and literally grew this amazing company into what it is now.”

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But style is just the accessory to this well-made outfit; what clients value most is their experience with the people.

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