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Article by Lanie Draper

My mom had bookshelves filled with design books in our house growing up.  I’d find myself a nook and some post-its (so basically old school Pinterest) and start saving my inspiration. I have always enjoyed reading these types of books and then tackling shelves or countertops for practice.  Even now, the best part about having these books on hand is that as trends continue to go in and out of style, I’m always prepared! Here are my favorite design books! I hope they inspire you as much as they do me!

The Welcoming House

This is my absolute favorite design book! I’ve had it forever and constantly look at it to find new inspiration.  Each section has traditional elements paired with a more specific style like rustic, mountain…you name it!

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Habitat has great design inspiration for shelves ad tabletops. The author Lauren Liess has a very earthy style which is so in right now! She uses pieces that wouldn’t normally speak to me which I love.  This book helps me think outside of the box.

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Old Home Love

This book couldn’t come out fast enough! It’s written by Andy and Candice Meredith, a couple who restores old homes.  The photos are incredible and learning how to better keep a homes history is important to me.

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Emily Henderson has amazing style! It’s eclectic, fun and tasteful.  I refer to this book when I need inspiration to make something a little more edgy.  Every time I open this book I find something new to love.

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Simply Styling

This book is a great book to have on hand.  It’s clean and simple making it a staple for me.  The designer of Simply Styling focuses on how to create a home that fits your personality.  She also discusses using items you already have to make a bigger statement.

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