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Picture this:

  • It’s Saturday morning and your curtains gently slide open, waking you and revealing the view of your back yard and you can hear the sound of your coffee pot starting downstairs. 
  • It’s Christmas time and you’re on vacation - you get an alert on your phone that your blinds have opened at their usual time, giving the allusion that there is someone home when you’re not. 
  • It’s Sunday, and while you’re comfortably on the couch watching a movie after dinner, you use your remote to close the blinds and give your evening some more privacy.

These things sound like the future, but in 2022, they’re available here and now. Even if none of these luxurious pictures appeal to you, anyone can imagine the convenience of being able to open all the curtains, including your tallest ones, in your house for natural light at the same time. 

With the rise of Smart Home devices like Alexa and Google Home, innovators have found ways to automate your home - including your curtains and blinds. You can purchase new combos or even retrofit motors to your existing set up. The motors then integrate seamlessly into your smart devices so that the same phone or remote that controls your speakers, lights, temperature and so on also controls your natural lighting. It’s time to make your home a machine that works for you. 

Budget Blinds in Kansas City, Northland provides consultations and installation services to help you create the look you want with the feel of seamless automation. The consultants there help you pick everything from start to finish - the aesthetic, the motor, the installation, and whether it’s hard-wired or battery-operated. They’ll then measure your space and install all of your choices for you on your schedule. 

The experts at Budget Blinds cover your end-to-end service and can answer any of your questions. Schedule a consultation today to learn more about installation in your home or in the home you’re building.

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