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Brian Preuss Launched Green Home Solutions to Purify Air with a Different Approach

People don’t often think about indoor air quality, but the moment mold is discovered in a home or business, the issue becomes front and center. Brian Preuss of Green Home Solutions (GHS) has built his business on being a lifesaver in these situations—which can place home and business owners in “dire straits,” as he puts it, because air in a space is pervasive and problem sources can be difficult for a non-professional to detect. Green Home Solutions is part of a larger franchise that operates over 200 locations across the United States. But even within the air quality mitigation niche, GHS does things differently.

Preuss himself brings many of the values he gained and developed during his Army service to the way he runs his business, located in Mount Airy. “Teamwork, transparency, mutual respect, integrity and customer service” are the bedrocks that guide everything Preuss does. After retiring from the Army in 2020, he began the franchise himself, which now encompasses an additional 10 employees. He learned pretty quickly that there wasn’t a single customer they couldn’t help, in some way. He relates that most people don’t have insight on the level of allergens that exist even in the average mold-free home, and that once he began applying treatments to his own living space, he and his family no longer use typical allergy medications.

Green Home Solutions is unique among other air quality remediation companies first and foremost because it uses EPA-registered plant-based products. This has a number of advantages, the first being that they are free of harsh and sometimes toxic artificial chemicals. GHS’s plant-based products actually break the allergens and mold spores down—chemically speaking—and since they are much safer for humans to breathe, people are free to return to their homes and offices only two hours after a treatment. (Typical treatments, Preuss says, can sometimes displace people for a couple days). GHS as a franchise also invests a lot of research and development resources into the microbiology of its products–and one of its most exciting new innovations is the development of a probiotic treatment that acts as an air filter. This is the treatment which has rid Preuss and his family of regular allergies, and it’s all-natural and safe. 

Additional treatments in development, Preuss says, include a special test for mycotoxins, which is a particular type of toxin produced by certain molds which can be difficult to detect. GHS is always innovating to try to solve even the most stubborn air quality problems. 

Green Home Solutions treats a wide variety of spaces and is experienced in both commercial and residential work. An additional feature that differentiates GHS is that they are fully insured for all remediation tasks. GHS can tackle a space where mold is obvious as well as an environment where a problem must be diagnosed. They can also assess basic air quality in a space and provide even minor filtering and adjustment treatments. As Preuss says, any service GHS provides is guaranteed to “make the air better.” 

Preuss loves and is committed to the Frederick community, which he joined during a transfer in his Army service. (He is a native of Wisconsin.) He's joined by his wife, daughter and the family dog. Mount Airy’s Green Home Solutions has grown to service all of central Maryland. The more remediation work he does, the more Preuss becomes passionate about moving forward. He’s seen enough of the air we breathe, in other words, to know that solutions are both available and needed.

“Teamwork, transparency, mutual respect, integrity and customer service” are the bedrocks that guide [us]." ~ Brian Preuss

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