Free 2021 Printable Calendars


Article by Audrey Kuether

Photography by Audrey Kuether

I’ve been working away designing my 75 free 2021 printable calendars, and I’m so very excited to announce that they’re now available for download. Yay!

Last year I offered 52 options, and I thought that was a lot. This year I designed 75 design options in both Sunday and Monday start dates (Sunday starts are letter size and the Monday starts are A4 size). I know I’m offering a very overwhelming amount, but I always get on a roll and just can’t help myself! 

There’s a design option for everyone’s taste from super minimal and clean to bright and colorful.

Are you ready for a peek at some of the 75 free 2021 printable calendars before you go to download? Let’s go!

All calendars are full 12-month January through December PDFs, but I’m only showing January images in this post.

Monday start options are not shown, but are included in the download link.

A few of things to note on these calendars:

  • I kept the notes section at the bottom since so many of you like that.
  • Holidays are not listed again this year because people all over the world use these calendars and there are just too many different holidays celebrated to list. Here is a good link to all global holidays that you can use to write them in yourself. Thank you for understanding!
  • I kept the mini calendars of previous and past months.

And once again, the only request I wasn’t able to get to was vertical formats so people can use them with their vertical clipboards (I’m so sorry!). I just don’t have the time it takes to design all 150 calendars in vertical format as well. That’s 300 calendars and I am one person, ha! But I did some research and they do sell some good horizontal clipboards (those are linked in my blog post where you can download the calendars).

Access all 75 of the free 2021 calendars here!

I hope you find some calendars that you love.

I’ve had such great feedback on these over the years and always appreciate your input. I also love seeing how people use these calendars.

Many runners use them to plan for their training, and others use them to log their meals and workouts.

I like to print out a handful of these calendars and use them to plan my blog content, school activities, meals, and full-time job tasks. The options on what you can use these calendars for are endless!

Some people choose to download and print different calendars and mix them together so each month is a different look. I’ve done this before as well—lots of options this way.

These free calendars make great gifts for friends, teachers, etc. I’d love to know how you use them—please show me via InstaTwitter, or Facebook photos. I’m always so very thankful when you Pin my work as well.



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