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Taking a Look at Popular Designs and Colors with Jennifer Homeyer from The Design House

The Design House owners Ty and Jennifer Homeyer took over the formerly named Carpets Plus in 2008 and have since grown the business into one of the top home remodeling and design stores in DFW. As their local family-owned and operated business has continued to change and expand in its 15 years, so have the popular styles and trends seen in the home style industry. 

To see current style trends in person, stop by The Design House at their Denton location. Their 10,000 square-foot design showroom is open while they are remodeling and giving customers an even more unique and personable shopping experience. 

“We can help any homeowner,” Jennifer Homeyer said. “We can help whether you have your own labor or not, or you’re going to do it yourself. We can give you guidance.”

Eight Growing Trends The Design House is Seeing:

Handmade Clay Tile 

Although it may appear to be just a very blank canvas, what catches your eye is the way the light hits the tile and reflects off of it. Put handmade clay tile in your shower for a pretty and unique look.

Natural/neutral palettes

Muted colors are desired because they create a timeless look in a kitchen or living room. They can withstand many years of style changes, as accents can be easily switched out to change with the trending color palette.

Monochromatic palettes with a splash of color

This trend in particular has grown in popularity simply due to its convenience and easy maintenance to stay in style. Customers can achieve this look by using colorful accents such as pillows and throw blankets, or even painting an accent wall in a pop of color. 

Natural greenery and plants

Natural greenery and plants are also making a comeback as seen on Instagram. These can be nicely paired with the neutral and calming color schemes because they create a simple look that goes with practically any color.

Soft mauves

Relaxing, simple colors are coming back into style as they create an effortless and peaceful look to any space. Think of adding these colors into your home in the form of a backsplash, paint color, or even throw pillow. 

Jewel tones

Statement pieces in the form of jewel tones have quickly risen in demand. Customers are adding bold furniture and paintings in deep greens and purples to stand out in their mostly neutral rooms.

Earthy tones

Earthy tones use tranquil colors to provide a calming look. They can easily be styled to appear everyday casual or more classy.


Perhaps the most interesting trend that is on the rise is texture. It’s not about the color of the marble or unique pattern the tiles create, but rather the texture and feel of the product.

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