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Manisha Agisgekar Customizes Kitchen Design to Meet the Needs of Each Family

Article by Kristen Wojdan

Photography by Chris Martin of Convoy Creatives

Originally published in Frederick Lifestyle

We spent some time with Manisha Agisgekar, owner of Magnolia Home Renovations, LLC, who shared about what interior design means to her and some of the hottest kitchen trends for 2024!

What do you love most about what you do?

I love the opportunity to be creative and to interact with my clients.

What advice would to someone planning to change their kitchen?

I believe the preliminary planning for any project involves budgetary decisions, understanding the spatial limitations on site, and considering individual habits of family members (i.e. Are you a laid-back chef or a stickler for the rules?). In the end, each family should form a ‘statement’ for their kitchen. 

What are the top hottest trends for kitchens in 2024?

1. Statement countertops

2. White and oak cabinets

3. Wall color with feature walls

What does interior and design mean to you? 

House interior reflects the personality of the family. Each home is unique and will always reflect the dynamics of the family. The kitchen is the heart of the home, where the family gathers—an extension of family and friends. So, it must be completely customized per the requirements of the family; including their cooking habits, culture/religion and customs. I particularly enjoy devising a color palette for the project based on my assessment of the family. Trends are inherently fickle. I consider it my responsibility to weed out the outliers for truly impressionable styles that will be enjoyed by my clients throughout the life of the project.

"The kitchen is the heart of the home, where the family gathers—an extension of family and friends."

Manisha Agisgekar

Originally from southern India, Manisha moved to Frederick County in 2013, when her husband accepted a job in Reston, VA. With prior experience in the industry and a background in architecture and 3D design, Manisha launched Magnolia Home Renovations, LLC in 2020, blending her passion for art and design. Her business is based in New Market, with a showroom located in Urbana.

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