4 Ways to Design the Ultimate Kitchen

Article by Lanie Draper

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Though change is fun, it’s not always easy, especially when it comes to a renovation that comes with a hefty price tag. Just as easy as it is to be drawn to styles matching our current mood or current trends, we can just as easily regret a decision made. The best way to avoid this feeling is to mixing trendier styles with timeless styles. Today I’m sharing four ways to design the ultimate kitchen.

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Farmhouse Sink

Farmhouse sinks have been around for centuries. As time progresses, they seem to become even more desirable.  Maybe it’s because they instantly add classic charm to any space or because they’re ultra-convenient. Whatever the reason, we sure don’t mind their popularity! These deep basin sinks allow for a ton of extra cleaning or storage and come in a variety of designs and finishes.

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Cabinet Colors

Contrary to popular belief, neutral colors are not boring! Try selecting a subdued and earthy color palette when it comes to your cabinets.

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Counters are so important. Choosing countertops that accentuate your already stylish hardware or backsplash will be a bold statement in any kitchen. There have definitely been some crazy trends, but as far as looks go, simple is safe.


These small yet mighty pieces are a great way to either add a timeless flare or a pop of trendy! The hardware we used in this kitchen is one of our favorites! The brushed gold is definitely for the more adventurous while the sleek lines of these beauties lend more transitional.

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