How to Make a DIY Pom Pom Wreath


Article by Audrey Kuether

Photography by Audrey Kuether

I’ve wanted to learn how to make a yarn pom pom forever, but never took the time until a couple of weekends ago. They are SO easy to make, and now I’m completely addicted. I made so many pom poms that I ending up having enough to make my own DIY pom pom wreath.

First I’ll show you how to make your own poms, and then how to make a cute wreath with them…let’s go!

Gather your supplies.

+ Yarn in various colors (the softer the better)

+ Sharp fabric scissors

+ Foam wreath

+ Hot glue gun

+ Pom pom tool 

I purchased a pom pom tool because I thought it would make pom pom making easier, but that was before I figured out that there is a super easy cheap way to make a ton more in half the time.

Either way works, but let’s start with the cheat way shall we?

Locate a small kids chair or a coffee table—something that’s not too wide and easy to move. Turn it on its front or back to expose the legs.

Take one bundle of yarn and tie a knot from one leg to another.

Snip off the excess yarn knot and start wrapping the same way numerous times. The thicker the yard wrapping, the thicker and larger your poms will be.

Once you’re happy with the thickness of your yard rope, cut the yarn, and tie the end of the string to the bundle of yarn with a double knot.

This will make a large loop of yarn. Snip off about 15-20 4-5″ strips of yarn from the roll of yarn you have remaining, and use those small yarn strings to tie a double knot over your yard rope about every 2-3″.

Repeat this step until you make it all the way around the yarn rope.

Trim off the excess yarn knots.

Take your yarn rope and cut it open evenly between one yarn knot.

Repeat this step until you make your way around the rope, and you will have lots of bow tie shaped yarn bundles.

One by one start to fluff each bow tie until a round pom pom appears. Easier than you ever expected, right?! This is by far one of my fave hacks ever. 

One thing to note: I recommend using a softer yarn than this white example. It was pretty course and hard to cut even with my fabric scissors. Softer yarn balls are also more visually appealing to me.

Ok onto the pom pom tool method.

I bought a package of two pom pom tools that included a larger and a smaller one, but you can use one in the same size if you’d like.

Open your tool to reveal the U shaped outer edge. There will be two plastic arms on each side of the tool. Make sure you pull out both arms on one side so they are side-by-side.

Tie your yarn in a double knot to the arm.

Start to wrap the yarn around the tool from edge to edge. The thicker you wrap the thicker your pom will be.

Keep wrapping and when it’s as thick as you’d like, cut the excess yarn.

Get your fabric scissors, and using the provided cutting guide, cut the yarn in half from end to end.

Cut a 6-7″ sting of yarn and tie it tightly around the freshly cut grouping of yarn., and then double knot it.

Remove the yarn from the tool and you have a very fluffy pom pom. Repeat these steps until you have as many poms as you need.

Trim off the excess knot yarn if you don’t plan on using the string to hang the pom.

Ok now that we know how to make the poms let’s use them to make our DIY pom pom wreath!

Plug in your glue gun, and gather your foam wreath. Wrap half of the wreath with your preferred color of yarn.

I tightly double knot the yard to the foam wreath, and then loop the yarn through about 5-6 times and then pulled tight. You’ll want to repeat this step until about half of the wreath is covered with yarn. Double knot the end of the yarn and cut away excess.

This part can get pretty monotonous, so be patient. If you use a thicker yarn it will go by quicker.

Now that you have your yarn wrapped and secured, take your glue gun and start to glue your different colored pom poms to the exposed foam part of your wreath.

Keep gluing poms until you’ve covered the bottom half of the wreath to your liking.

Hang on your front door with a wreath hanger, and enjoy the colorful view!

You can also make a pretty DIY pom pom wreath in muted colors like this one that I did. The options are endless!

What do you think? Are you pom obsessed like me? I highly suggest you make your own DIY pom pom wreath! You won’t regret it.

If you make your own wreath I’d really love to see it! Just tag me via InstaTwitter, or Facebook photos. I’m always so very thankful when you Pin my work too!

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