How to Throw a WOW-worthy Holiday Party

3 Secrets to Level Up Your Hostess Game and Leave Your Guests in Awe

It’s the holiday season, and you’ve got a lot to do. And if you’re planning to throw a party, well, let’s face it: you’ve got even more to do. 

Especially if you’re going to really wow your guests. (But that’s where we come in!)

We’re here to suggest three ways you can wow your family and friends without too much fuss and leave them in awe of your hostess skills. 

1. EXTRAVAGANT DECOR: Decorate a wall or corner of a room with a balloon display. One of the best parts about a custom balloon arrangement is that you can choose any color(s) to match your palette. Going for a winter wonderland theme? Perhaps white and silver will set the mood. All out Christmas? Red and green, of course! Balloon arrangements (such as an arch) can double as a photo backdrop, so you’ll get more out of it. In the words of Caity Byrne, award-winning balloon artist and owner of Frederick Balloon Co., “Balloons can really bring an event to life...If you want to memorialize the perfect moment in time encapsulating the party atmosphere for Instagram and beyond, the professional balloon installation is the perfect fit.” FrederickBalloons.com

2. LIVE MUSIC: Set the scene with music—but, not just any music. The Frederick Strings, which consists of string and flute-string quartets and trios, is an elegant and unique way to entertain your guests. Imagine sipping cocktails and laughing with friends as the melodious sounds of cello, violin and flute dance through the air. The Frederick Strings will immediately give your party an elegant feel, one that will be remembered for years to come. FredStrings.com

3. CUSTOM DESSERTS: Offer a signature dessert. May we suggest custom-made cakes, cupcakes and cookies? Whipp and Whisk offers the most beautifully decorated cookies, made for every occasion imaginable. Think of delicately painted snowflakes or names written in calligraphy. If cakes are more your thing, check out Sage Cakery! Themed cakes in any size, any shape, any design can give your party the tantalizing centerpiece it needs. Facebook.com/WhippAndWhisk SageCakery.com

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