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What to Consider When Decorating for 2024

Article by Michelle Glicksman

Photography by Courtesy Aldrete Design

Originally published in Tempe City Lifestyle

At the boutique Aldrete Design Interiors, it’s all about life-inspired interior design. The Tempe interior design firm specializes in creating cohesive spaces, using textiles, well-thought-out furnishing, and curated decor.

“We create timeless, inviting interiors that inspire a life well lived,” says Teresa Aldrete, owner/principal designer.

Aldrete and Aldrete Design Interiors Lead Designer Nerissa Lowicki say that looking ahead to design for 2024, grey is on its way out.

“What's in is warm tones, such as creams, browns, and rust colors.”

Still, the pair say that they don’t follow trends that much.

“We love a classic foundation,” they say. “Our approach to design is timeless and organic, using materials such as linen, velvets, marble, and woods.”

Aldrete and Lowicki share three tips for design this year.

Layering Warm Earth Tones

“We like to layer in soft textiles like a linen throw, pillows, textured natural rugs, and soft lighting.”

Personalize It

“Statement pieces such as oversized art, your grandmother's favorite owl memento, and other decor items that show who you are!”

Add Interest

“Starting with super comfortable, functional pieces such as sofas, chairs, and tables, and then incorporating patterns, candlelight, and warmth help make a room so cozy your guests don't want the dinner party to end!”

“Great interior design creates an environment of comfort and beauty every day. It helps create a welcoming haven for our friends and loved ones. It helps us to slow down and allows our homes to be a place of refuge and rejuvenation,” they say.

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