Marrying Masculine and Feminine Styles in your Home

Achieving a Successful Shared Space

Article by Melissa B. Rodgers

Photography by Jason Domingues

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I'd like to chat about how to incorporate your man's interior style into your home. Yes, even the guy who is notorious for wearing his black socks with his Crocs while mowing the lawn can have a say too.

Listen ladies and gents, roles are changing. Men are now staying home and raising the children while mama brings home the turkey bacon. Or maybe both partners are out working to make ends meet.

Modern dads are very involved, and rightfully so. We need our dads. We need their bad jokes, hugs, logic, grilling skills, great advice, and support. Why are we not including them in the decorating of the home you share? 

The constant battle of the sexes ultimately seems to happen when trying to blend two different styles, but fear not. I have found this to be a common roadblock with my clients, but there are surprisingly easy solutions. I hear your concerns, and I am here to help.

I have put together some great examples of rooms that successfully combined masculine and feminine styles, with some helpful tips to achieving this for your shared space.

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Maybe I am lucky and have been surrounded by men with great taste, or maybe I am biased because I personally tend to lean towards masculine styles. But seriously, what's not to like?

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Masculine style is sexy, moody, sophisticated, minimal, clean lines. It's animals, leather, wood, metals, plaids, tweed, tufting, and dark colors.

Introducing a few of these examples will not only add a nice balance to a soft feminine look, but will make the hubs feel like he lives there as well. Life is all about balance and that includes the decor in your humble abode.

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Display and accessorize with what you both love.

Example: my husband is an outdoors man and has collected some really cool items along the way. I am not saying I want a full wall of dead animals staring directly into my soul, but a few are definitely encouraged.

If you look above the walkway you will see a snakeskin bow my husband picked up from an artisen in Hannibal, Mo. It makes for a great conversation piece that adds texture and something that fills in the gallery wall space perfectly.

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In our home it's 100 percent equal as far as decisions made for our family and I love it. The pressure is not all on me to take care of the house, kids, pets, bills, and more. Asking your partner what they do and do not like can go a long way in your relationship. To me it shows a mutual respect, inclusiveness, and you are on your way to creating a home that represents the life you are building together.

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