Updated Office + Kitchen

Think California Casual, Meets English Anglophile, Meets Craftsman Touches

If you've been following my stories on Instagram, then you know I was renovating two rooms and a hallway in my house. There was an intense focus to get these rooms completely renovated, designed + styled as I booked a photoshoot with the lovely, Julia Badei, @juliabadeistudios on Instagram.

The photoshoot went off without a hitch in early January. I was lucky to find Julia through another friend, on Instagram; and lucky enough to have a Dad that loves DIY work + was willing to help me. To say it was draining was an understatement. I spent quite a bit of time at the chiropractor's, getting my SI joint back on track with all the sitting on the floor painting. But oh the rewards! The sweet, beautiful rewards!

The house is stunning + turned out exactly as I had imagined.

My New Office

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Backtrack for a quick moment. My brother moved in with me (for two years) as he was going through a divorce + then he moved out in August. For quite a while, I had been planning (in my design brain), to renovate his bedroom, turn it into an office, and to document the whole renovation/design process on Instagram, my blog, and Instagram stories.

It was the perfect opportunity to show my newly emerging design style (think California Casual, meets English Anglophile, meets Craftsman touches), skill sets + then growth as an interior designer; I believe we are always learning + growing in our professions—as we should be! My growth has breathed new life into me, my house + with the way I live, which for me is crucial to good interior design—it's the reason why design has such an impact in our lives.

And the design inspiration spread everywhere in my house.

Kitchen as of February

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As the month + year moves on, I will be writing about all the design work happening in #thecraftsmanbungalow

I am going to save my design process, and how I made choices in my office, and the newly coined Indian Room, and the Hallway for another post.

I'll also cover extensively for all you DIY-ers, or you want to learn how to renovate your homes and become a DIY-ers in future posts. Also, there will cost breakdowns + I will launch a PDF class on the Basics of Home Renovation. The content I'm bringing this year will be off the charts. I can't wait to share.

I tend to want to share all at once, but I'm learning to pace myself. Be on the lookout for new blogs, pictures, content, PDF's, and eventually tailored gift boxes for any occasion.

And just remember, Hohm is where one's affections lie.

And let's create a movement, one for the Love of Vintage/Antiques...hashtag me @ #myhohm ...I want to see how you live!

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