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When you're working with a Naples client, what design considerations are unique to the market? 

We always approach each project from a needs basis. We ask what the primary intended use for each space is - dining or casual outdoor living and/or both. We can add in TV walls with fireplace inserts. We use decorative plantation shutter options for privacy and factor in climate control with heaters, fans, and misters. For our Florida-based clients, we recommend the Renson pergolas, which have earned the Miami-Dade Hurricane Rated Certificate. This is the most stringent wind load testing requirement in the country. Our pergolas can now withstand winds over 190 mph. 

Since the pandemic, outdoor living has become an extension of indoor living space. From motorized custom pergolas, awnings, and umbrellas, to lighting, heating, and exterior wall cladding, our products not only lengthen the duration of enjoying the outdoors, but they also enhance it with their timeless design and cutting-edge technology. That said, our local clients are looking for luxurious designs with superior craftsmanship that meet all of their outdoor lifestyle needs. We are refining the next step in the evolution of outdoor living.    

Tell us about a recent project that required both creativity and technology.

For a project in the Naples Luxury RV park, we were tasked with creating a unique outdoor living space for the RV owner to entertain friends and family without having them enter into their personal living space in the RV. Most of the neighborhood residents have been using tiki huts and small mini-homes or casitas to entertain, but the results look dated. Our louvered roof systems are designed to allow sun and fresh air in when you want it and to offer shade and rain protection when the elements call for those comforts. We used a combination of motorized drop-down screens and operable loggia plantation shutters as side elements for design and privacy needs. The client can further control their outdoor environment with Big Ass Outdoor Ceiling Fans and Heatscope infrared ceiling-mounted outdoor heaters. Lastly, we deployed a Renson powder-coated aluminum Linius wall to create a backdrop for the wall-mounted TV and bar area backdrop.

We love our outdoor space at home. Tell us about the project at this gorgeous home in Port Royal.

We wanted to marry the Renson contemporary pergola design with a more traditional country-style waterfront home. We didn't want the transition from traditional to contemporary to clash or look forced. We achieved that by color-matching the oiled bronze dark tones with the existing colors of the window mullions and copper gutters. We further softened the look by adding in loggia plantation shutters around the outdoor kitchen grille space. We used Renson LED blade lights to create a halo atmosphere at night when the louvers are open, which provides an inviting soft glow at the roof lines. Additional custom third-party dimmable puck lights were added over the dining area and as task lights for cooking mounted over the grille. For days when the waterside breezes are hard to find, we mounted a Big Ass outdoor-rated ceiling fan to provide steady air circulation. Motorized side drop-down screens on the open sides allow for a screened-in, bug-free dining experience.  

Your toolbox of skills and services is impressive. 

The team is always looking to add to and improve its suite of product offerings. If a client brings something to our attention that we do not currently sell, we will spend the time researching and vetting the product on their behalf. And, when the product passes our stringent standards, we will become a dealer for the new line. We want to be the answer for all outdoor living needs and are constantly searching the globe for the best products in all outdoor living categories. We have partnered with the world's leading outdoor manufacturers to offer a broad suite of unique, highly customized products with superior craftsmanship, the latest technology, and a timeless design. 

In addition, we have a team of fully certified design experts in outdoor luxury solutions. From the initial consultation and outdoor design recommendations to the international shipping logistics and white glove delivery and installation, our highly experienced team provides a seamless experience with acute attention to detail and an unwavering commitment to the highest standards.  

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