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Rugs are the piece that really ties a room together. This goes for both indoor and outdoor spaces. A beautiful outdoor rug on your porch, patio, deck or sunroom can really make a statement with bold patterns and colors, or it can be a subtle piece with more neutral colors that completes the overall look. Here are some great options for outdoor rugs to add to your space.

Outdoor Rug Materials

Before we jump into the fun part—shopping!—it's important to discuss the different materials outdoor rugs are made of.

Polypropylene – The most popular outdoor rug material. It's stain-resistant, easy to clean, won't fade from sunlight, can handle heavy foot traffic and high humidity.

Polyester – Stain-resistant, long-lasting and durable. Best for dry climates. Avoid using in dining areas as oil-based stains are difficult to clean.

Nylon – Best for high-traffic areas. It's easy to clean, it won't fade and it's stain-resistant. Avoid placing in direct sunlight as material can get very hot.

Jute and Sisal – Best for covered patios. Eco-friendly, all-natural, affordable and comfortable. They are not easy to clean, they are prone to mold and mildew and will fade in sunlight.

Sunbrella – This brand is made for bright, direct sunlight. These rugs are water- and mildew-resistant, which is great for your patio furniture on the pool deck. However, the durable, UV-resistant material is not very soft to walk on.

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