Save or Splurge?

Expert advice on smartly investing in your backyard oasis.

Article by Lorilee Cummings and Katie Pfotenhauer

Photography by Carey Campbell

Originally published in Kirkwood City Lifestyle

Whether your yard needs a little refresh or a large-scale landscape design or installation, Lorilee Cummings with Lorilee Realty and Katie Pfotenhauer with Timberline Landscapes provide expert insight on where to save and splurge. 


- Shade structure or pergola

- Fire pit

- Don't add a sink or dishwasher 

- Materials for patio or decks (concrete blocks vs stamped concrete)


- Outdoor lights

- Plantings/soil/sod

- Outdoor furniture 

- Pool or spa

- Larger trees for privacy

- Grill/oven in outdoor kitchen

"The outside of your house is a natural extension of the interior of your home." - Lorilee Cummings

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