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Originally published in Arvada Lifestyle

Privacy, style, and function are all the driving forces behind choosing the best blinds for you and your home. Lori Lipker and her husband, Jeff, have owned Blindsmith, Inc. in Arvada for seven years, and the business has been providing blind products and services to the region for 25 years. Lori says there are some consistent trends in recent years and some newer ones.  

“Gray tones are still very popular,” says Lori. “We tend to drive people toward the taupes as they tend to be a better long-term match for floorings and furniture choices, but the grays are still very much a top choice.” Hunter Douglass reports deeper accent colors are hot this year, especially pinks and reds, including terra cotta-inspired rose hues and mid-tone neutrals between blush and beige. Going with a more neutral but warm-toned shade will mean your home is set up for the hottest colors for 2023 but also ready to adapt to the coming year’s trends. 

Many newer homes are going toward roller shades with a sleek design, but because energy efficiency is playing such a huge part in everything, the Hunter Douglass Duettes® are extremely popular. “They’re a 5-star product that qualifies for a federal tax credit up to $1,200,” says Lori, “You can get 30-percent back on your federal tax credit as well as a check from XCEL–$1.33 per square foot.” 

Some Hunter Douglas designs include greater privacy. Lori says. “It’s important to decide what your priorities are. Do you want more light? More privacy? Or are you seeking higher energy efficiency and the rebates?” All those factors play into the final decision. The Sillhouette® series of blinds are especially interesting. You can see outside, but others cannot see into your home, allowing more light inside while preserving privacy. 

Top blind brands are designed to last for decades if you take care of them. That means some regular maintenance and cleaning every 4-5 years. Waiting beyond that can mean more stubborn staining or dirt build-up that can negatively affect the long-term functionality of your blinds. Blindsmith has cleaning and repair services available. Cleaning takes about 3-5 days and costs $22-35 per blind depending on size. 

 Lori advises people to start small when adding new window treatments. Don’t feel you have to get new blinds for your whole home at once. Pick a space, such as a bathroom to start. “We also recommend you come into the showroom,” says Lori. “Touch the fabrics, feel the controls, and make sure it’s going to feel comfortable for you.” 

 Pull cords are going away thanks to new child safety laws. Blindsmith is already selling mostly cordless shades and blinds. That makes a difference to people who might have difficulty reaching the mechanism to lower or raise the shades. That’s why coming to the showroom and experiencing it for yourself makes such a huge difference.  

The Hunter Douglass brand goes a long way when you are selling your home. “People know the name, and it helps increase your home's value,” says Lori.  

For Lori and Jeff, the joy of the business is all about relationships. “We love our customers. They come back for cleanings and repairs, and then when they’re ready for a new set of blinds, they already know us and trust us.” Plus people love coming into the store to see their shop dog, Mowgly. “People are disappointed if he’s not here when they stop by.” 

Check out the selection of blinds at Blindsmith, Inc. at 6040 West 59th Ave in Arvada or blindsmithcolorado.com, or give them a call at 303-467-7969. 

“We...recommend you come into the showroom. Touch the fabrics, feel the controls, and make sure it’s going to feel comfortable for you.” --Lori Lipker, Co-owner of Blindsmith, Inc.

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