Space and Style in Miami Beach

“Everything from the reflection of the ocean to our sunrises and sunsets has an impact on our creative decisions.

Ever since Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack started frequenting Miami Beach in the 1950s, the city has been known for its style and trendiness. By the 1980s, the hit TV show Miami Vice was showing the world the bright neon colors and eye-popping flash of a city that had grown into one of the largest metropolitan areas in the United States.

This pop culture phenomenon could be seen throughout South Florida And even today, Miami Beach and the surrounding areas are steeped in its unique style, from the clothes people wear to the cars they drive. So, it stands to reason that people's homes, and especially how they are decorated, also reflects that style.

That's not to say that interior design in Miami Beach and throughout South Florida is static, unchanging, Stuck in the nostalgia of past decades. Like all aspects of taste and style, it is influenced by the culture surrounding it and is constantly evolving. In fact, according to Sofia Joelsson of Sofia Joelsson Design, new trends are currently taking shape.

“We're seeing exciting trends that include advanced technology in porcelain slabs, for example, that look exactly like marble,” she said. “We also see people going back to natural materials to appreciate their origin and beauty.”

Irene Fister owner of Fister Design agrees, citing new products that present creative opportunities that have never been seen before.

“Wood-looking porcelain tiles and vinyl floor coverings have been around for a while, but they've never looked as a natural as the products coming out now,” she said. “When they first came out, they looked like a photocopy of wood printed on the tile. Now, it's really hard to tell the difference.”

Irene the added that it is a unique professional experience to be an interior designer working in South Florida, especially Miami Beach.

“Miami Beach is all about what's different, new, and modern,” she said. “You don't tend to see heavy ornate wood as a focal point. People's tastes lean more toward clean and modern. Comfort is also priority for my clients. I call it ‘livable luxury’ that balance is function and beauty.”

For Sofia, Miami Beach is a special place that offers interior designers plenty of inspiration.

“The lighting in South Florida is so special,” she said. “Everything from the reflection of the ocean to our sunrises and sunsets has an impact on our creative decisions.”

Originally from Sweden, Sofia has been working as an interior designer in South Florida for more than 20 years. This gives her vast experience and an expert perspective on the business.

“Our firm is a close-knit group of colleagues that brings out the best in each other and pushes the boundaries of design,” she said. “We continue to evolve with current trends to give our clients innovative designs.”

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