Statement Ceiling Lights for the Entryway

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Article by Kevin Francis O'Gara

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Statement Flush Mounts for the Entryway was originally published in Thou Swell http://www.thouswell.com/

The entryway in Dove Hill Project is one of the first spaces I had a clear vision for, but I’ve yet to pick out the most important fixture in the space: the lighting. While the ceiling height restricts this light to be any taller than a flush mount, I am determined to bring a piece that makes a statement. This is the first impression of our home, after all, and I want to make sure it’s jaw-dropping!

See some of my favorite statement flush mounts (all gold, by the way) that don’t break the bank and the gorgeous mural that will be defining the space, below.

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The entryway started out looking pretty dated, but after new flooring and a fresh coat of paint on the wall and stairs, it’s looking so much more updated!

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The space is the perfect blank slate to work with now. The major changes will be adding this gorgeous mural and the perfect light fixture.

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This Magnolia mural from Anewall was probably the first piece I selected for the house. It will be the perfect backdrop to welcome guests!

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