Stylish Freestanding Kitchen Islands

Article by Kevin Francis O'Gara

Stylish Freestanding Kitchen Islands was originally published in Thou Swell

For tons of my family members, cooking is a meditative experience, and for me, preparing and sharing a meal with friends or family is an important way for us to connect.

None of this is possible without a proper kitchen, and few kitchens are really complete without a good kitchen island! Far from being a place to be marooned and alone, it’s a multitasker ready to hold a floral arrangement and breakfast for two, hors d’oeuvres for a horde, or a fleet of cutting boards for any occasion. That’s not to mention that they’re a much more flexible way to add a personal touch and a clear expression of your personal style.

While many kitchen islands are built into a kitchen design, sometimes a kitchen is lacking in this department and may need support from a freestanding piece (large or small) to bring that extra functionality to this important workspace. Luckily there are some fabulous options out there, ranging in size and price, and even some that really do look built-in.

Find my favorite freestanding kitchen islands and carts below!

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