What's Hot and What's Not in 2020 Home Decor

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What's HOT and What's NOT in 2020 Home Decor! was originally published in Trim Design Co.

I love an In & Out list. It’s a bright spot in the dark looming shadow of the winter months ahead. I don’t even wear makeup, and yesterday I spent 15 minutes scrolling through a list of what makeup trends were in or out for 2020. I have a problem. But it made me realize that I can’t be alone in my passion for these lists. I am betting that you, too, enjoy a good in/out list to kick off the new year.

As this new decade dawns, we’re taking a look back at the trends which dominated the last ten years and suggesting some fresh alternatives to these well-trod styles. This decade is going to be all about richly layered spaces full of personality and meaningful details. Buh-bye to super-clean cookie-cutter rooms (finally!) and hello to more Bohoditional goodness! And on that note, I bring you:

Trim’s Definitive List of Trends to Retire (and what to try instead!)

  • 1-300?v=1

OUT: Fiber Art (we’re looking at you, macrame and woven wall hangings)

IN: Soulful Paintings

  • 2-300?v=1

OUT: Drum Lamp Shades

IN: Pleated Lamp Shades

  • 3-300?v=1

OUT: Floating Wood Shelves 

IN: Barrister Bookcases

  • 4-300?v=1

OUT: Neutrals and Grays

IN: Layers of Pattern and Color 

  • 5-300?v=1

OUT: Mud Cloth 

IN: Block Print

  • 6-300?v=1

OUT: Shiplap 

IN: Old School Millwork and Molding

  • 7-300?v=1

OUT: Structured Mid Century Modern Furniture 

IN: Relaxed Furniture

  • 8-300?v=1

OUT: Succulents 

IN: Seasonal Branches 

  • 9-300?v=1

OUT: Shibori

IN: Kantha

What trends are you throwing a retirement party for?

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