Windura opens your mind to brighter ideas

New windows and doors can bring natural outdoor beauty and light in to enrich life.

 No matter what the age of your home, or if you are currently building a new house, Daniel Lee, General Manager/Owner of Windura, can point you in the right direction. A sweeping trend he is currently seeing is that folks are changing their space to create a seamless transition between inside and outside spaces. The Leawood family he recently worked with removed four big 16 x 72 high windows and replaced them with a huge 16-foot door, so they can now walk seamlessly from their kitchen area right into their outdoor space. Homeowner Kristen Albert commented, "Since we have added these doors, we feel like we have doubled our space to hang out, whether it's inside or out. We keep the doors open most of the time and the dogs absolutely love it too!”

Bringing in light warms the atmosphere while the upgraded glass keeps heat and cold out. Lee expressed. “Ever since COVID, folks are creating work-from-home spaces either upstairs or in a basement they didn’t use creating a bright studio or web conference space that is an enjoyable location for them. We can cut a hole in a room, put in a new window…just let your imagination run and do all sorts of fun things!” Replacing windows also eliminates wood rot and protects and sound proofs the home which makes your space peaceful and brighter.

Lee studied Finance at North Carolina State University and later earned his M.B.A. at Rockhurst University. He spent his career creating, developing and leading teams and departments for Fortune 500 companies. He thrives working with a close-knit team and hearing feedback directly from customers. “In 2020, I decided I wanted to do something on my own so researched the right business that fit my experience and expertise in the finance and insurance sector,” he explained. “I was not looking at construction per se but was more interested in delivering a service through people. My history has been in hiring insurance claims- and salespeople to go out and deliver. Insurance is really an invisible product. I found Windura because our work is done through execution of process, customer service and responsiveness, which was the differentiator that pulled me in.” It just so happened to be Windura! He explained that they are somewhat unique in that they are a direct dealer for Marvin and Provia brand windows, which are top vinyl and fiberglass companies.

Windura serves the mid to upper end segments of the window replacement market and are a combination of dealer and installer. “Some big franchise companies just do installation or sales. Small local guys like us are pretty rare. The installation is where we really set ourselves apart in that we always use our own employees versus subcontractors,” he continued. “You can’t control the process or experience with subs. Our customers hire us because we offer FGIA (Fenestration & Glazing Industry Alliance) certified installers, which is the highest level of training in the industry. They show up every day.”

Initially, they sit down and listen and learn what a customer’s needs are. What colors they want, and what they are trying to achieve. Then, a recommendation is made on styles. This package of three things, people, product and process ensures they are accountable and follow through with constant communication. “We are a local company, so we are fast responders. Most of our customers are long-term repeat customers. When you think about replacing doors and windows it can be a big pill to swallow. We suggest ‘biting off’ just the windows and doors causing problems,” he added. “For example, owners of a 30- year-old-home may call us every two years or so to fix certain problems that come up, which creates repeat relationships. They then share their positive experiences with friends and neighbors who may have the same problems. That makes our business run.” Another thing? “We offer a happiness guarantee! That’s our installation warranty. We want you to be happy with your purchase. Our end goal is to help you be more comfortable while living better in your personal space,” he concluded.

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