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Article by Basma Masood

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What a crazy time we are all living through right now. If someone had told me a few months ago that we would all be stuck in our homes for months on straight during the best seasons of the year (spring -> summer, duh!) , I would have thought they were nuts. Amirite?!

Well, here we are and more and more of us are working from home—at least the lucky ones are. There are a lot of silver linings of this time period, and I’m sure if we don’t already see it, we will soon enough. But for now, let’s make our time working from home the best! So, how do we set ourselves up for success?

Set a Dedicated Space for Work

When I started working from home last year, I quickly realized that having an actual workplace that I "go" to every day was important. It kept distractions to a minimum, but it also helped me create a routine. If you have a proper office, you are already a step ahead of the game! Otherwise, find a nook of the living room, a bedroom, or maybe even consider converting an unused closet. Set it up with whatever YOU need throughout the work day—and wherever it may be, make sure there is some sort of separation from your "play" space.

Get Comfortable Seating

Whether you have an actual rolling desk chair or are pulling up a chair from your dining table, just make sure it is comfortable. Ensure you are sitting up straight, with sufficient lumbar support and your feet are flat on the ground. While we are talking ergonomics here, your monitor should be at eye level, or just slightly lower while your arms should be at a 90-degree angle.

Add Color

Adding a few splashes of color via paint, accessories or artwork in your space will keep the space interesting, personal and keep those productive/creative juices flowing throughout the day! If you are mostly just squatting temporarily in the short-term, think fun, colorful desk accessories or a personalized picture frame! And if you have an actual office space, the options are unlimited. Do not forget to give those walls some love (paint or wall art) and maybe think about throwing a fresh coat of colorful paint on those built-ins. Oooh, fun DIY weekend project, anyone?

Add Plants

This kind of goes in hand with the last point, but plants are so vital. They add color, they filter the air, and they literally bring life to a dull space. Studies have actually shown that having plants in the workspace can improve employe health and reduce sick days. Up until about 6 years ago, I don’t think I had a single plant in my apartment. So I get it! I remember thinking, "sounds like just another responsibility!" But really, you guys, if you don’t already have a little green friend by your workspace, add one. You’ll thank me—and yourself!

Get Proper Lighting

This kind of goes without saying, but making sure a space is well-lit for working is vital. Having daylight is best, but when that is not possible, make sure you have enough lighting to keep your eyes from (eventually) getting strained. Add a task lamp on the desk, or a hang a cute corded sconce on the wall above. Light up your space in style!

Declutter Daily

Guilty here! I may not do this every day, but it is something I am working on. Granted, it can be tedious to tidy up every day, but it can really help keep the sanity. And somehow, I always feel better afterward! Keep your workspace organized and clean and your mind will follow.

Thanks for reading! If you need specific recommendations on your home office or have any questions, please reach out. I’d love to hear from you. I’ll be rounding up some of my favorite pieces of office furniture and accessories in an upcoming post. So don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE HERE.


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