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Homeward Bound

A Q&A with local interior designer, Nicolle Pritchard, who splits her time and creativity between CHS and NYC.

You call two places home, and work in both as well. So, it seems that the uniqueness of each place (NYC + CHS) could inform your design aesthetic? 

That's definitely proven true. I called NYC home for 11 years, and during that time I worked with some incredible clients. I’ve had the pleasure of sharpening my eye for detail, and making countless connections. My aesthetic is inspired by the clean lines of modern architecture, mixed with fun and unique pieces. I brought this approach to Charleston. Here, I'm inspired by the landscape and nature, the colors, and the architecture. I’m so lucky to live on a lake, and this view inspires me and renews my love for this unique place daily.

What were the specs of this project? The who, what, where, when, why, etc. 

My client was from Hong Kong and had just moved to New York City for her children’s schooling. She interviewed a few designers, and I was honored she chose me. She was so great to work with, and what initially started as more of a color consultation and a few furniture pieces turned into a full furnishing/accessorizing job with some bespoke furniture pieces as well. We worked together initially over 2018-2019, and our collaboration continues with the addition of a few more pieces to her space.

What were your primary goals for the "after?"

The client wanted a space that was modern, clean, and maximized the space. She desired subtle nods to her culture, and a luxurious feel. Her priceless view of the Metropolitan Opera and Central Park was paramount. Lastly, she loved nature, art and fashion. I was tasked with combining these requests, and creating a space that was luxurious and inviting. Where her unique NYC view was a focal point. Over time, I learned more about her children and their interests and we decided to add a baby grand piano to the library. Overall, my end goal was a space that she and her family loved and compliment their lives and created tranquility away from the busy streets of NYC.

A high-profile property in Manhattan such as this must have been a dream to get your hands on. How did you approach this job, creatively speaking. Do you have a method that you employ with each project, or is each one different, your approach varying from one to the next? 

It definitely was a dream, and a dream client. I have a general approach when meeting with clients to make sure I’m able to gather as much information as possible to then translate into a design aesthetic. However, every client works differently and I’m flexible. Some prefer in-person meetings, and want to join in on shopping trips, while others are more hands-off. My goal is to curate an experience for each client that is tailored to their needs. 

What inspires you, and your design?

It really comes down to a moment. A moment is a genesis. And I love that it is never the same. It can be the space, a client's love for a specific locale, the architecture of a building, something that grabs me, but takes time to translate into an aesthetic, or an accessory that the client picked up while on vacation and wants to work into the home. 

Overall, the client and how they will use the space, is a big influence.

How would you describe your design aesthetic?

I’d say I’m a mix of polished, modern, artsy, glam, and coastal boho. I like a mix, and to add pieces in that are conversation starters. I love art furniture and am really inspired by the artists that create these pieces as well as showrooms that curate beautiful collections, such as Ralph Pucci, Maison Gerard, and Designers Collab. 

I love playing with styles and adding pieces that have meaning and/or are collected on travels. Our home in Charleston is a mixture of creams and beiges, with touches of green to pull the outside in. Our home in New York is mostly grey and cream with more clean lines.

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