How to Clean the Things that Clean

Irons, Washing Machines + Shower Heads

Article by Andrea Larson

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They work hard to keep us clean. So let’s not forget to return the favor every now and then. Andrea Larson of @lifelovelarson dives into how to do just that. 

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How to Clean an Iron

It’s probably been used a lot over the years and in desperate need of a good cleaning. Water, baking soda paste, a damp cloth, a Q-tip and a vinegar solution can breathe new life into your iron. Which is also good news for your clothes—which we’ll get to next. 

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How to Clean a Top Loading Washer

You rely on this machine to keep your clothes clean, but when was the last time you actually cleaned out the inside? Probably never? Prepare to be amazed (and totally grossed out) when you see what some bleach and water can do. 

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How to Clean Shower Heads

This is something you use this every day (we hope). Hard water buildup can take its toll to the point where a regular cleaning doesn’t actually get it clean. This trick using vinegar can fix that. Feeling ambitious? Use the same technique to clean all the spouts in your house.

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