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How to Decorate with Vintage Rugs

Article by Staff Writer

Vintage rugs have a special place in home decor. They’re guaranteed to be one of a kind, and add a sense of history, culture and personality to any room. But they’re not the easiest design element to work with. 

Here, we take a look at different things to consider when adding one of these statement pieces.

Choosing a Vintage Rug 

Vintage rugs don’t come cheap, and buying one has been a process for Lanie Draper of @rooted_kc   . From picking your pallet to measuring your space and asking lots of questions, she breaks down how to make sure you pick one you’ll be happy with, and provides a ton of links to the ones she loves. 

How To Master the Wonky Dimensions of Vintage Rugs

They add coziness, color and character to any style. But, those same attributes also lead to non-standard sizes and unusual color combos. Which makes @trim_design_co. love them even more! They delve into the many different ways to layer and combine rugs to meet your floor coverage needs. 

Working with Color and Pattern in Vintage Oriental Rugs

Lots of color and pattern are part of the charm, but once you choose your rug, it can feel like your room will be pigeon-holed into a very narrow type of look. Not so! Here’s how to work with the versatility of their patterns to fit many design styles, from traditional to contemporary.