How Two Busy Moms Became Tech Entrepreneurs

Kim Bartlett shares her story

After nearly two decades in TV news, I traded up for a new position as mom and CEO of the house. A job, I discovered, that came with hundreds of glorified subtitles including chef, tutor, nurse, laundress, chauffeur, coach, handy woman, travel agent, and logistics manager, just to name a few.  

I was feeling more disorganized and inefficient than ever. And I wasn’t alone.   

I chatted with my college bestie, Tess Dean, and we "conferenced" with every busy woman we knew. The playground became our customer discovery. We all needed the best resources, recommendations, and referrals and we needed them before the carpool line moved another inch.

What if all the contacts that run our busy lives were a swipe away? What if we could share contacts for the best contractors, doctors and babysitters in one organized location? The idea for STASH app was born. A place where you can store, search and share contact cards in a simple, icon-based solution. 

STASH is partially headquartered at my kitchen island in Sandy Springs, sharing space with a school classroom and law firm these days. I have been known to suggest the kids hit the pool so I can dial into a development call from the deck. The last year has made us love our neighborhood even more than when we moved here three years ago. The hilly terrain is the new family cardio. We are now obsessed with takeout from Erwan Organic Thai and pick-up at Cubanos ATL. We were giddy to learn that The Springs movie theater turned drive-in and when restaurants reopened, one of our first date nights was at The Select. What else do I love in Sandy Springs? From doctors and dog groomers to roofers and flower shops, it’s all in my STASH just waiting to be shared with you.   

STASH is in final testing mode with busy CEOs of the house around Atlanta. In a matter of months, it will roll out to everyone wanting to STORE, SEARCH, and SHARE the best contacts. Can’t wait?  A preview of the most STASHED vendors is available at Stash-app.com where you can also sign up for early access to the app.

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