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In the Zone!

At StretchZone, flexibility and quality of life go hand in hand.

While stretching has long been an important part of most athletes’ training regimen, according to Helen Martin, owner of 17 StretchZone locations in Florida and Texas, almost everyone can benefit from stretching, not just athletes.

“I worked with one gentleman who was miserable with sciatica,” Helen said. “He could barely walk to his mailbox, so he started coming in three times a week for a targeted stretching program. A while later, we got a postcard from his family saying, ‘Thanks for changing my dad's life.’ They had just finished a walking tour through Europe.”

At StretchZone, which has over 150 locations across the U.S., the focus with most clients is wellness and quality of life.

“We always say ‘Do life better,’” she said. “That covers someone who wants to drive a golf ball farther to people who just want to be able to tie their own shoes again. That's the beauty of StretchZone. The program is designed to address specific needs, so it’s different or everyone.”

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