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Free Indeed Art: Jessica Brophy creates unique pieces, inspired by her clients own imaginations.

Jessica Brophy, owner and artist at Free Indeed Art in Billings

How did you become interested in art? Has it always been a passion of yours? 

My first steps as an artist began with drawing horses when I was 11 years old. Horses were my first passion, and I had this intense desire to capture their beauty on paper. The funny thing is, I was not very good at painting or drawing when I started. My first art pieces are hilarious! But I continued to improve my craft; and hundreds of sketchbooks and canvases later, I realized I could do this professionally. Free Indeed Art was born in 2014, during my last semester of college in Los Angeles.

What is unique about your art business? 

Free Indeed Art was created to honor God by serving people through custom fine art. 

I am currently the only artist in the industry that has a method for allowing anyone to fully customize their own piece of original art. I do not put my work in galleries, and I do not have a pre-made inventory of paintings that I sell from. Rather, I work directly with each of my clients. It’s all about them. 

I developed the Custom Painting Process because I wanted to engage my clients and give them a way to express their freedoms, hopes and joys. Although this expression is unique to every individual, the purpose of Free Indeed Art stays the same: to allow the client to communicate their ideas to the artist and decide where the artist will take the painting. This means the artist is using their gifts to serve someone else…laying down their own ego, preferences and opinions in order to construct something beautiful around their client’s vision. 

Custom art has a wide range of uses. A painting could depict who someone wants to be in the future, narrate a painful past, show off a beloved pet or child, or simply be tailored to fit a specific space in your house. The idea has really been successful because it is so unique.

Describe your "Custom Painting Process" and the steps involved in creating each piece.  

First, I meet with the client to help choose the five qualities of the piece: subject, size, medium, painting style and color palette. Then, I create a layout sketch and color palette for client approval. This is sort of a rough draft of the future painting that the client can make changes to or revise. After the draft is approved, I go to work to create the one-of-a-kind piece. When clients receive the final painting, there’s a huge satisfaction knowing that they were just as much a part of the process as the artist. The most fun thing about this process is that clients can have me paint something super realistic or just a little bit loose or completely non-representational abstract.

Clients also have six mediums to choose from, each unique in their own ways: oil, acrylic, watercolor, charcoal, pencil and ink.

To learn more about custom fine art, visit To contact Jessica, email her at, friend her on Facebook under Jessica Brophy or "like" Free Indeed Art’s Facebook page.