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Intentional Love

The 5 Languages Of Love

Did you know Love is an action, not just a thought, feeling, or expression? Love can move, stop, and change the atmosphere. It's an outside expression of an inside heart posture. Real Love is a powerful force. Love is a choice.

Most psychologists believe that being Loved is a primary human emotional need that fuels our psyche, mind, soul, and spirit.

Love speaks a language just like we do. When we can tap into the language of those we intend to express Love to, our Love is received. Based on Gary Chapman's book, "The 5 love languages", we see that Love can be expressed and received in many ways. When we desire to express Love, we must put on the hat of the receiver and speak their love language. It's not enough to only understand our Love language because what makes us feel Love may not be the same as what others need to feel Love. Love is searching for this key to another's heart and acting upon it. When you speak the Love language of others, it can be received as Love. With this in mind, let's dive into the 5 love languages as expressed in the book.

  1. Words of Affirmation

This type of person is usually motivated by encouraging and kind words. Because they see Love this way, bullying and nagging are absolute turn-offs. Instead, this person feels loved when honored with encouragement and acknowledgment.

2.      Quality Time

Time is our biggest commodity, which can't be reproduced. Some feel loved when you share yourself with them. They are asking for focused attention and quality conversations. This type of love language feels loved when they are heard. Therefore, being a listener is also called, I love you.

3.      Receiving Gifts

Some desire a visual symbol of Love with gifts and tokens that say, I love you. They consider the investment in their joy a sign of Love. This investment doesn't have to be monetary. It could be hopes and dreams that desire to become tangible.

4.      Acts of Service

This type of person feels Loved when there is a physical action to the expression of Love. This action, however, must be freely given, or it will not be received as Love. For example, Acts of Service could be washing the car or taking out the trash without being told. Its effort says I Love you.

5.      Physical Touch

There is so much power in touch because this action affects and turns on our brains. For a person with physical touch as their love language, a hug can say more than a thousand words when trying to express; I Love you. 

In a nutshell, expressing Love can only be received as Love when spoken in the Love language of the receiver. Therefore, when there is an effort to decode what Love looks like for others, it can be received and valued as Love. 

In this month of LOVE, be sure that your "I Love You" lands in the heart of the intended. You do this by intentionally studying what I love you looks and feels like for the receiver of your heart.

When we desire to express Love, we must put on the hat of the receiver and speak their love language

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