Is Solar Right For Your Home?

Explore Innovative And Attractive New Options

The idea of adding a solar power system to a home or business in Colorado can seem very attractive. Instead of paying an energy utility for the possibly-pollutive electricity they generate, you harvest the sun's abundant and clean energy to power your property. Whether your reasons are driven by financial or environmental motivations, or a combination, most homeowners find they are able to readily plug in to solar.

With solar panels installed on your property, your home or business's daily electrical usage is provided by the energy captured by the panels. Additionally, with an optional but practical battery system, you can store electricity you don't use right away to release for your use during nighttime or on cloudy days. And, should you generate enough energy to send back into your community's electrical grid, your electrical utility may pay you for that electricity.

Roper Roofing & Solar is an expert in solar installation that serves Westminster and the surrounding Denver metro area. While traditional panel-on-rack system installations are still most common, Brad DiNardo, Roper Roofing's business development manager, shares some exciting news. An exciting and elegant new technology from GAF Energy is here. GAF's Timberline Solar system features specially engineered shingles that convert the sun's energy to electricity. And they blend attractively into your home's roof. Brad says, "as a GAF Master Elite Contractor, Roper Roofing & Solar is part of a select group of contractors" offering this revolutionary product.

Roper's team offers a free solar estimate calculator, and they are happy to walk you through the process of adding solar to your home. Visit

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