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Jazz Up Exercise

Who Doesn't Enjoy A Periodic Dance Fest For Cardio Workouts?

Jazzercise is for everybody and every body, shares Stephanie Schaub, owner/instructor, Pennington Jazzercise. 

As a hybrid exercise class that combines movement, athletic conditioning, body sculpting strength and core training, Jazzercise is known for delivering cardio and strength training that results in effective, total body workouts.

Furthermore, Jazzercise is a dance-based exercise program set to top 40 music, says Stephanie. "It's the ultimate dance party workout. We get fit and have fun while doing it."

She says all classes are geared toward all ages and fitness levels. In-person classes are held at the Pennington Fitness Center, 2490 Pennington Road. Online class options also are available, and certain classes are livestreamed for those who want to participate at home. 

Stephanie says the Pennington location offers a full exercise schedule, seven days a week, providing early morning, late morning, evening and weekend classes. "Incorporating an exercise program like Jazzercise into your routine can have a positive impact on your physical and mental health, any time you need it," she adds. 

Jazzercise Pennington comes with a built-in support system. Participants motivate one another, and create their healthy, happy selves through movement. "We're an amazing community of women, a place where you can meet a workout buddy and a lifelong friend," confirms Stephanie.

A woman named Judi Sheppard Missett is credited for creating Jazzercise in Evanston, Illinois, during 1968 as a Northwestern University student. She was teaching at a dance studio and noticed her classes had high dropout rates. Realizing students were attending for physical fitness and not for performance, Judi reportedly began to hold "just for fun" classes that began with a jazz warmup. These classes were eventually renamed Jazzercise. After Judi moved to California, she taught other instructors, many of which were in military families. Jazzercise grew through those instructors as they criss-crossed the country and moved abroad. 

Jazzercise community participants often highlight that it's an uplifting space in which both challenges and successes can be shared, where they feel supported, and during which small wins and big achievements can be celebrated, while building lasting friendships. "Whether you just need a little encouragement or a full accountability team, let the Jazzercise community inspire you to live your best life, on and off the dance floor," Stephanie asserts. 

She says the group is actually more than just a fitness program. "We have a book club, we do fundraising to support local causes, and we partner with local businesses to host fun and informative events," she adds. 

For brand-new customers, the Jazzercize Pennington program offers a trial, two-week price for $49.

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